2021 Year-end Payroll Updates: Forms W-2 and W-4

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A Message from Bettie Cooper, Director, Payroll Services

December is the month that Payroll Services begins planning for W-2 distribution. In order to ensure that W-2s are as accurate and timely as possible, we need your help. Please take the following steps and notify Payroll if you have any changes:

W-2s will be mailed no later than Monday, January 31, 2022.

Since all W-2s are mailed, please verify your “HR” address as it appears in Atlas by Monday, January 3, 2022. The HR address is the one that is used for any mailing from Organizational Development and Human Resources. It is also the address that is printed on your W-2 and any paper checks you may receive.

If this address is incorrect, please either update it through Atlas or notify Employee Records/Services with your change of address. For your protection, W-2s are not forwarded, so it is extremely important that your address is accurate to ensure that you receive your W-2 as timely as possible.

Follow these steps to check and/or revise your “HR” address:

  • Log into Atlas
  • Navigate to the Employees tab
  • Under My Human Resources, click on Update Your Information
  • Select Address(es) and Phone(s): View OR Update

This is also a good time to update your emergency contacts. Follow the directions above and when under Update Your Information, click on Emergency Contacts: View or Update.

Because we need to allow time for the original form to reach you through the U.S. mail, duplicate W-2s will not be issued until after Monday, February 14, 2022, with receipt of the Duplicate W-2 Request Form. To find the duplicate request form:

  • Log into Atlas
  • Navigate to the Employees tab
  • Under Employee Support, click on Tools
  • Select Valencia Forms and then HR Payroll W-2 Duplicate Requests (HR #507)

Verify that your name matches your Social Security card, so your wages are properly credited to your Social Security account. There are fines for mismatched names and Social Security numbers on the W-2 form. Once you receive your W-2, please carefully check your Social Security number. If it is incorrect, notify Payroll Services ­immediately and provide us with a copy of your Social Security card in order to make the correction in Organizational Development and Human Resource’s system.

W-4 Reminders

If you filed “Exempt” on your 2021 W-4, the IRS requires you to submit a new W-4 on or before Tuesday, February 15, 2022, or your status will be changed to Single for the Friday, March 4, 2022, payroll.

To find the form:

  • Log into Atlas
  • Navigate to the Employees tab
  • Under My Human Resources, click on Pay Information.
  • Select Tax Forms: W-4 Information
  • Click Complete New W-4 Form.

If your filing status has changed, please update your W-4 as necessary. Additionally, you will also need to submit an updated W-4 if your name has changed. Please remember that you can submit a new W-4 at any time throughout the year. You are not limited to completing a new form only at the beginning of a new tax (calendar) year.

If you need help completing your W-4, please go to the IRS website at IRS.gov and type Tax Withholding Estimator into the search engine. That estimator will help you determine what to enter on your W-4. To submit a new form, you can either send it through interoffice mail to Payroll at DO-21 if you’re on campus, mail it via U.S. mail to:

Valencia College
Attn: Payroll DO-21
P.O. Box 3028
Orlando, FL 32802-3028

Or, if you feel comfortable uploading your completed and signed W-4 to a secure software, please reach out to Payroll@valenciacollege.edu to request a link. Please do not email your form to us. Since email isn’t secure, doing so could compromise your information.

If you do not have any changes to make, you do not need to submit a new W-4.

If you have questions, contact Organizational Development and Human Resources at HR4U@valenciacollege.edu, or call the HR4U helpline at 407-582-HR4U (4748).

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