Featured Colleague — Mia Cancarevic

By Joy S. Jones

“The best part of my job is problem solving, critical thinking and finding creative ways to solve a student’s issue. After advising one student he said to me ‘Are you an innovator or something?,’ when I was simply being creative with his options,” shared West Campus Student Services Advisor Mia Cancarevic. “I also like that I can use different languages on a daily basis and the opportunity to be well trained in various areas of the College.”mia-cancarevic-270w

That spirit of innovation, coupled with her multilingual abilities and stellar customer service caught the eye of Jennifer Mezquita, manager of student services.

“During her time in the Answer Center, Mia has been promoted twice,” said Jennifer. “She began working with us part time as our records document management systems specialist, earned her way to becoming a part-time student services advisor and recently was promoted to full-time. Her multilingual skills have proven to be a resource to both our students and our staff; and though shy, she is mighty in her sense of urgency and diligent in holistically assisting our students.”

Mia was pretty thrilled to be hired as records document management specialist at West Campus’ Answer Center, primarily because it was a newly created position. Being entrusted to make it her own was a welcomed challenge and confidence builder.

“I am thankful that Jennifer recognized my potential and hired me. I appreciate that she creates opportunities to challenge me, and I am extremely honored to work with her. Jennifer has the talent to recognize her employees’ strengths and weaknesses and she is always is one step ahead,” said Mia.

Mia recognizes that Valencia not only has a strong commitment to students’ success, but also to its employees’ professional development.

“I am growing both personally and professionally at Valencia and have attended many training and development opportunities on campus, including the Florida Consortium of International Education, which was held on West Campus last September, and I am looking forward to attending the conference again in October.”

Moreover, she finds the time to pursue her personal interests outside of work indispensable.

Mia found out about a mission to Egypt doing archaeological work by conducting research online. After getting in touch with the project’s coordinators, she was selected to join the excavation in May 2015 based on her interests and previous experience. To date, she has excavated at four different missions across the world, including Naples, Italy; Toledo, Belize; and Stobi, Macedonia. The project included work in two sites, Kom al-Ahmer and Kom Wasit, which are located in the Western Delta of Egypt and pertain to the late Pharaonic and Greco-Roman periods.

mia-cancarevic-egypt-collage-grove“I have always been interested in archaeology, especially since I was an art history student focused on ancient art — it went hand-in-hand,” she said. “It was a dream come true for me, and I am hopeful that I will go again next year.”

Other work/life benefits she cites are being surrounded by supportive colleagues who are a pleasure to work with each day, building meaningful relationships with staff and students and contributing to student success.

Mia completed a Master of Arts in history of art and architecture at Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in art history with a minor in classical studies from the University of Florida. She holds a state of Florida temporary teaching certificate in art for kindergarten through 12th grades and Valencia College Digital Professor certification. A native Bosnian/Serbo-Croatian, Mia is fluent in Bosnian, English and Spanish; has advanced reading comprehension of German; intermediate comprehension of Italian; and proudly shares that she has taken a foreign language in school consecutively for nine years.

Know of someone doing great work at the College, who has been an employee for one year or more? Send the colleague’s name to us at The_Grove@valenciacollege.edu. He or she might be one of our featured colleagues, subject to supervisor’s approval.

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    Mia is truly inspirational, she has encouraged me in my development and is a true asset any team.

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