A Look at the Global, Professional and Continuing Education Division — Part III

A message from Carolyn McMorran, Assistant Vice President, Professional and Continuing Education

Carolyn-McMorran-270wWith the recent reorganization of the Global, Professional and Continuing Education division, the role of the Office of Professional and Continuing Education is to assist organizations with workforce development and to provide solutions designed to enhance the performance of current employees in our community.

As assistant vice president of Professional and Continuing Education, I am tasked with helping build a stronger community by connecting organizations, employees and students to short-term learning and training solutions.

One of our team’s new strategic directions is designing and implementing solutions to help with what we call “rapid workforce replacement.” With more than 10,000 baby boomers retiring daily for the next 16 years, many professions are concerned about the lack of skilled employees to fill the void. This initiative helps people who may not have a job or a career path with earning potential to gain a new direction toward careers that are in high demand.

Under our office also falls the Advanced Manufacturing Program, a new program area for the College. Currently, the program offers a series of short-term training programs that are designed to help our students get high-skill, high-wage positions in Central Florida. We will be opening a hands-on training center in Osceola County in October 2015, but the programs will be offered in multiple locations. This program is very much aligned with our goal of rapid workforce replacement.

In addition, the work accomplished in the Collaborative Design Center helps organizations and internal College teams find creative and innovative solutions to their challenges.

Our work ties to the College’s mission by providing numerous opportunities for technical and life-long learning that can help people achieve success.
PROFESSIONAL-continuing-ed-ORG-CHART-button-groveLearn more about the work of Professional and Continuing Education. Assistance is also provided through the Collaborative Design Center. Take an online tour of the Collaborative Design Center (CDC) here. Or, watch the video below.

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