A New Check-In Process is Here

A Message from Jenny Charriez, Director, Employee Development and Inclusion

We are pleased to announce that the new, improved version of the Check-In is now open for full-time staff members. Your check-in-logo-r2016-270wvaluable feedback on last year’s Check-In process enabled us to refine and consolidate the Check-In and make it a much friendlier tool. The new Check-In enables you to document more as you go, and we have removed the mid-year portion and capped the number of goals to three.

The new Check-In experience consists of the following steps:

Beginning-of-Year Check-In

The Beginning-of-Year Check-In kicks off with a meeting with your supervisor to discuss goals, skills to be developed and development opportunities.

  • Step One – Employee Plans for Development: Enter your goals for the year into the Valencia EDGE, along with the development opportunities discussed with your supervisor.
  • Step Two – Supervisor Approval of Goals and Plans for Development: Your supervisor will review the information you entered in the Valencia EDGE and either approve or send back to you for revisions.

Throughout the year, you can note your progress toward the goals you and your supervisor identified in the Beginning-of-Year Check-In. Your supervisor will also have the ability to comment on your progress, allowing for an on-going conversation until the End-of-Year Check-In meeting.

End-of-Year Check-In

  • Step Three – Employee Updates on Goals: Enter your accomplishments and progress on goals into the Valencia EDGE. Following this step, you will meet with your supervisor to discuss progress.
  • Step Four – Supervisor Annual Review: After the meeting, your supervisor will enter comments and feedback into the Valencia EDGE based on your conversation.
  • Step Five – Employee Acknowledgement: Please acknowledge your supervisor’s comments and feedback in the Valencia EDGE.

Click here to see a video tutorial of this process.

For more details, training or resource documents on the required steps for this annual review, visit the My Performance channel in the Valencia EDGE.

The new Check-In also features video tutorials, which guide both employees and supervisors through the process.

For further information and assistance, contact the Employee Development and Inclusion team at orgdevelopment@valenciacollege.edu or extension 8095.

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