A Valencia Throwback: Early Students Are All Smiles as They Earn a College Education

Throughout Valencia’s 50th anniversary celebration, we’ll not only be looking to what’s ahead but also to our past.

With 50 years of working to better our community, the College already has much to celebrate — from a rich history of making college accessible to our heritage of learning and innovation.

As part of the celebration, we plan to share some of our favorite archived images of the College on The Grove. We hope you join us in reminiscing about days past and share your own memories. If you can, we also invite you to provide detail about the photos we share via the comments section below. We looking forward to taking a trip down memory lane together!

This week, we feature an image from way back during the College’s very first decade of operation. While the school was born from great challenge, as the local elite in Orange County strongly objected to the development of an unsegregated, open-access, public junior college, the students pictured here endured the challenges with smiles on their faces. Ultimately, students like these built the foundation for Valencia and paved the way for future students who would find open doors and new opportunity at the College.

Want to enjoy more throwback photos? You’ll find these images shared on The Grove and in The Juice throughout Valencia’s 50th anniversary year. We also encourage you to visit Valencia’s Flickr account (view the Valencia50th_DecadesCollection for throwback photos) and the Facebook page to enjoy additional historical images.

Want to share your throwback photos with Valencia College? Mention “Valencia College” in your photo or post on social media and include one (or more) of these hashtags:  #valenciacollege, #TBT, #valencia50th

And don’t forget, feel free to comment on photos with your memories or any information you may be able to share in the comments section below.

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