Active Learning Certification: Keeping Our Eye on Valencia’s Learning-Centered Mission

In spring 2016, faculty responded to an all-call proposal to help build a set of active learning professional development courses from Dori Haggerty, West Campus director of faculty and instructional development.

Reading Professor Claudine Bentham, English for Academic Purposes Professor Kate Baldridge-Hale, Education Professor Rhonda Atkinson, Biology Professor Shahnaz Kanani, Graphic Design Professor Amanda Kern and Adjunct Professor of Humanities Elizabeth Faulcon worked with faculty developer/instructional designers from across the College to develop the outcomes, framework and course materials for an Active Learning Certification. This fall, the design team will be unveiling Valencia’s first Active Learning Certification​.

Built on theories of constructivism, social learning and adult learning, this certification is designed to support faculty in transforming students from passive listeners to active learners while improving learning and deepening understanding. As a result of the coursework, faculty will learn how to engage students more deeply in the learning process through meaningful lessons, while promoting student reflection and understanding.

Recognizing the broad value of this certification, the design team members realized they wanted to build flexibility into all of the core courses. As a result, faculty are able to earn this certification during the evening, on the weekend and on multiple campuses.

At least 36 PD hours of both required and recommended courses are needed to earn the certification.

Required Courses: 

  • LCTS 3290 Foundations of Active Learning (10 PD hrs)
  • LCTS 3291 Impacting Active Learning through Metacognition (10 PD hrs)
  • LCTS 3292 Active Learning Capstone (10 PD hrs)

Electives (Six PD Hours Minimum): 

  • LCTS 2214 Problem-based Learning (2 PD hrs)
  • LCTS 2217 Project-based Learning (2 PD hrs)
  • LCTS 2222 Case-based Teaching (2 PD hrs)
  • LCTS 3293 Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Part I (2 PD hrs)
  • LCTS 3294 Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Part II (8 PD hrs)
  • LCTS 2212 Engaging Lectures (2 PD hrs)
  • LCTS 2223 Asking the Right Questions (2 PD hrs)

If you are interested in this certification, visit the Faculty Development webpage or the Centers for Teaching/Learning Innovation for more information. To register for courses, visit the Valencia EDGE and click on the Certifications, Concentrations and Programs channel for the opportunities that are currently available.

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