Announcing the 2013 Sick Leave Pool Board of Directors

In April, all members of the Sick Leave Pool were prompted to nominate and elect new representatives for the 2013 Sick Leave Pool Board of Directors. The board consists of three (3) career service, three (3) faculty, and three (3) administrative/professional employees, and one new member in each category is elected annually.

The employees who were elected this year are: Sherri Dixon, Dan Dutkofski, and Barbara Halstead. All 2013 Sick Leave Pool Board members are listed below.


Sherri Dixon, Assistant Vice President of Budget/Auxiliary Services (new)
Michelle Foster, East Campus Dean of Academic Affairs
Ed Ames, Director of Procurement/Auxiliary Services


Dan Dutkofski, Professor of Humanities (new)
Patrick Murphy, Professor of Mathematics
Susan Dauer, Professor of English

Career Service

Barbara Halstead, Executive Assistant (new)
Berneice Ferber, Library Technician
Janice Swanson, Administrative Assistant

The board meets as necessary to discuss policy issues relevant to the sick leave pool, usage/replenishment, and various member requests. If you have questions, please contact Laurie Youngman, manager of benefits, at or at extension 8116.

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