Announcing the 2014 Sick Leave Pool Board of Directors

In March 2014, all members of the Sick Leave Pool were prompted to nominate and elect new representatives for the 2014 Sick Leave Pool Board of Directors. The board consists of three career service members, three faculty members and three administrative/professional employees. One new member in each category is elected annually.

The winners of this year’s election are: Joe Nunes, coordinator, retirement; Wendi Bush, professor, mathematics; and Mary Jane Jones, executive assistant.

All 2014 Sick Leave Pool Board members are listed below:


Joe Nunes, coordinator, retirement (new and pictured right)

Sherri Dixon, assistant vice president, budget/auxiliary services

Michelle Foster, campus dean, academic affairs




Wendi Bush, professor, mathematics (new and pictured right)wendi-bush-270w

Dan Dutkofski, professor, humanities

Patrick Murphy, professor, mathematics




mary-jane-jones-270wCareer Service

Mary Jane Jones, executive assistant (new and pictured right)

Barbara Halstead, executive assistant, senior

Berneice Ferber, library technician, senior

The board meets as necessary to discuss policy issues relative to the sick leave pool, usage and replenishment and miscellaneous member requests.

Any full-time employee is eligible to join the pool during an announced enrollment period provided he or she has been employed full time with the College for 12 months, has accumulated 10 days of unused personal sick leave and has not declined a previous enrollment opportunity as a regular employee of the College.

An employee who meets the eligibility requirements has only one opportunity to join the pool, except if changing from temporary-employee classification to regular-employee classification; in this case, the employee has one additional opportunity to join the pool after achieving regular-employee status.

Enrollment periods are held twice a year, typically in March and September and are open only to employees who previously have not been eligible to join.

If you have questions, contact Laurie Youngman, manager of employee support, at or at extension 8116.

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