Applications Now Available for SEED

Attention: Applications for the upcoming 2017 – 2018 Valencia SEED cohorts are currently being accepted — and, new this year, is a SEED 3 cohort. 

SEED, an acronym for Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity, is an international project, founded 30 years ago by Dr. Peggy McIntosh of Wellesley College. SEED utilizes a cohort-based, monthly seminar model with the intention of creating gender fair, multiculturally equitable and globally informed educational spaces and workplaces.

SEED values all voices and experiences and recognizes diversity in its many forms. These forms include, but are not limited to, traditionally thought of categories such as race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation or ability. They also include categories like military service, position classification, primary campus, introversion/extroversion, length of service at Valencia, family structure or political affiliation.

All forms of diversity matter and are welcomed in SEED.

SEED differs from other diversity programs in that its leaders do not lecture. Instead, they lead their own colleagues in experiential, interactive exercises and conversations often stimulated by films and readings.

The monthly seminars deepen participants’ understanding of themselves, expand their knowledge of the world and point the way to making schools more inclusive.

For faculty, one professional development hour will be awarded for every hour met — giving faculty the opportunity to earn up to 24 professional development hours for the entire program. For staff, completion credit will also be awarded toward your Valencia transcript upon successful completion of the program.

SEED is available in three cohorts.

Through the SEED 1 and 2 cohorts, you will learn to:

  • Understand how one’s personal and community history affects one’s self-esteem and sense of safety.
  • Explore, experience and learn how to converse from a diverse perspective.
  • Listen and respond to personal experiences from a cultural perspective.
  • Notice the impact and intent of our communication.
  • Appreciate and respond compassionately and openly about diversity issues.
  • Examine how personal stories can affect our perceptions and attitudes.
  • Create a sense of community through dialogue and stories.
  • Work with conflict and hurt when diversity issues are involved.
  • Employ techniques on how to listen and respond to intercultural communications.

For the SEED 3 cohort, you will learn:

  • Organize and lead an intercultural experience.
  • Engage in multiple intercultural experiences with community partners.
  • Reflect on learning experiences through readings, journaling and discussion.
  • Consider how these experiences might impact our personal and professional practices and support the strategic goals of the College.

Please keep in mind that in order to participate in SEED 2, you will first need to successfully complete SEED 1. Furthermore, in order to participate in SEED 3, you will need to have successfully completed SEED 1 and 2. 

This year’s program facilitators will be Shari Koopman, professor, English; Rudy Darden, professor, English; Jeannie Rodriguez, library office systems manager; and Stanton Reed, professor, business/accounting.

Interested applicants must first have a conversation with their dean/supervisor and then read the application requirements carefully as they differ for each employment category.

The deadline to submit an application for all three cohorts is Monday, August 7, 2017. 

For more information, visit the National SEED Project website.

If you have any questions about SEED at Valencia, please contact Rachel Allen, director, peace and justice institute, at or 407-299-5000, extension 2709, or Michele Lima, professor, speech, at or 407-299-5000, extension 1414.

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