April 2017 West Campus Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation Best Practices

Each month, the West Campus Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation (CTLI) team highlights one topic of interest to our learning community in the West Campus Concentrate. We hope that you will find the information engaging and beneficial to your work in teaching and learning.

This month, we are featuring how we can embrace conflict in the classroom by engaging students in potentially challenging activities or discussions in a safe and inclusive environment.

TED Talk Video: Dare to Disagree — Margaret Heffernan

In this TED Talk video, Margaret Heffernan, previously a serial entrepreneur and CEO for multiple businesses, shares her insights on how to embrace conflict rather than to avoid it. She explains that, in order to have constructive conflict and engagement, one must be open to seeking out individuals with varying perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, which requires patience and energy.

Featured Faculty: Peace and Justice Practitioners Angela Blewit and Aida Diaz

This month’s featured faculty are Peace and Justice Practitioners Angela Blewit, professor, English, and Aida Dia, professor, Spanish. Both professors leverage their experiences with the Peace and Justice Institute to ensure their students navigate conflict successfully.

Angela Blewit
Angela’s undergraduate degree is in anthropology, and her master’s degree is in English with teaching English as a second/other language (TESOL) certification. She received her Ed.D. in educational psychology from the University of Southern California and is National Board certified in English, having taught high school English for 11 years in east Los Angeles in a school with nine gangs. She also taught English in South Korea for two years and at EARTH University in Costa Rica, as well as for two years at California Polytechnic State University. Angela is a co-advisor for the West Campus Gay-Straight Alliance student club, as well as a West Campus Faculty Senate representative. She teaches developmental reading, writing and teacher education, and is also a facilitator for the Peace and Justice Institute at Valencia College.

Aida Diaz
Aida teaches Spanish and Latin American humanities at West Campus. She has an undergraduate degree in education and Spanish; a master of education with a focus on educational therapy and supervision from the University of National Education, Evanston, Illinois; and a certification in blended learning from the Online Learning Consortium.


Upcoming Events and Professional Development

Listed below are faculty development courses that can assist you in addressing and meeting the needs of your students’ strengths.

For directions on how to register for these courses, click here.

For additional information or advice on engaging students in your classroom, contact or visit the Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation.

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