Attendance and No-show Reporting in Online Courses

Thursday, April 30, 2020

While attendance in face-to-face and mixed-mode courses is easily documented, more specific documentation is required for attendance in online courses. Federal financial aid and Valencia policy require that online attendance is documented in accordance with student engagement in an academically related activity. Students are required to complete at least one of the following for each online course during the first week of classes: 

  • Submit an assignment online.
  • Take an online assessment.
  • Participate in an online discussion about academic matters.
  • Complete an online interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction that is trackable.
  • Initiate contact with the faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course.

Here are three ways you might go about taking online attendance:

  • Set a module prerequisite to require students to complete one of the above before being able to access the rest of the course.
  • Post an announcement, send an initial email and include in your course syllabus the date by which the initial assignment should be completed to avoid being reported as no-show.
  • Reach out to students who are not engaged in the course during the first week.

This last recommendation is especially important during a shorter term like Summer A, as there’s less time for students to re-engage and get caught up if they miss initial opportunities to begin learning.

Faculty members are asked to report any students who do not engage in an “academically related activity” during the first week of class by entering a “W” in the Final Grades function in Atlas during the “No-Show Reporting” period. The date of withdrawal should be the first day of classes.

Review the Important Dates and Deadlines 2019-2020  to access  “No Show Reporting” period dates.

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