Attention Budget Managers

A reminder from Ed Ames, Director of Procurement and Auxiliary Services

Last month you received an e-mail with a file that listed all Valencia P-Card transactions that were charged to a budget under your responsibility. Please understand that this file is separate, and different, from what is assigned to P-Card holders and approvers.

The P-Card holders and approvers are doing their reviews on a weekly basis. The file that is being sent to you as the Budget Manager is a separate, monthly check and balance tool implemented to provide a high-level review of P-Card charges that hit your accounts.

It is possible that some of the charges on the file are from cardholders who are not in your department. For example, I am the budget manager for procurement, courier services, and the food services accounts. My e-mail file report contains not only my department’s P-Card charges, but typically charges from plant operations staff, who have been approved to use the food services budgets for repairs or maintenance.

Thus, I am able to get a very condensed, high-level review of all P-Card charges to my budgets. Any unusual or unfamiliar expenditures should be questioned for explanation prior to responding to the e-mail.

I hope that this information provides some clarification to the process. Please note that you do not have to respond to the transactions individually. If all of the transactions are appropriate, you can simply reply “approved” to the e-mail.

During the week of October 3rd, you will receive September transactions that have hit one or more of you accounts. Your review and response is greatly appreciated.

If you have questions, please contact Ed Ames at or at extension 5528.

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