Bridges to Success Hosts Fall 2021 Bash for Students

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

By Ray Kennard, Academic Advisor, Bridges

Following the success of our Spring 2021 Bash, the Bridges to Success (BTS) program decided to make this celebration a semester tradition. Our Fall 2021 Bash was special because it was the first time we had seen all of our students in person since the pandemic began. The event was held on Friday, December 17, 2021, on West Campus in the Special Events Center.

It was an energetic event complete with music and food. As the students arrived, they were given a menu with a selection of food items to choose from. As they made their choices, we had a team of BTS student volunteers wait on their peers and serve them their meal. Our Bridges to Success Program Director Tanisha Carter was behind the scenes in the kitchen making sure all the food was properly prepped and organized and had everything running like a well-oiled machine.

We typically give awards to our students, recognizing them for outstanding achievement in the semester, and this was no different. We recognized 68 students that achieved a 4.0 fall semester GPA! They received a scholar pin, a congratulatory postcard and a gift box full of goodies (granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.).

Next, we wanted to honor our fall 2021 graduates. Their schooling was abruptly interrupted in March 2020 with news of the COVID outbreak, yet they persevered, stayed the course and graduated this past December. All 21 of them also received a gift box full of goodies; they were also presented with a Bridges to Success medallion and a certificate detailing the number of hours they volunteered in the community while in the program.

We asked some of the recognized students to offer some advice to their peers. Sophomore student Yurkedhan Munoz said, “Do not wait until the last minute to complete your assignments, but work ahead.”

Another sophomore, Fritznel Serdon, stated, “Time management is no joke; it is a skill you will have to learn and master. This will keep your workload manageable and make sure to do some fun stuff to keep your morale high and stress low.”

In total, there were 89 students honored.

Tanisha was on double duty that day as she also gave a brief speech to conclude the event. She encouraged them to take advantage of the school’s resources like tutoring and the writing workshop. She also urged them to find their “why.” Why do they want a college education? Why are they pursuing their degree in a particular field?

“We are here to offer support and encouragement but please remember YOU are in the driver’s seat on this journey,” said Tanisha.

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