Business Professor Matthew Kenney Inspires Student’s Entrepreneurial Fitness Venture

A Message from Falecia Williams, President, West and Downtown Campuses

Physical fitness has always played a prominent role in West Campus student Robert Aguirre’s life — from his days as a 4-year-old trotting down the soccer field to his current entrepreneurial ambitions with his company, BodySmart Co. But, that doesn’t mean fitness has always come easily. Actually, Robert has faced several critical, life-changing obstacles. In 2007, he was diagnosed with scoliosis, and in 2010, a sensory neuropathy. Eventually, his high school soccer career would come to a screeching halt after suffering a vertebral compression fracture.

“As a result of my compression fracture,” he said, “it soon became obvious I was not going to be able to play goalkeeper any longer. Once the fractures healed, I still had a desire to be active and find a new activity I could participate in. My older brother invited me to go with him to the gym. I enjoyed it very much and continued to go with him. I soon developed an interest and true love of powerlifting.”

Working out at the gym also, consequently, improved Robert’s scoliosis condition, reducing the curvature of his spine from 29 degrees to 18 degrees — a feat that continues to baffle his specialists.

Now, Robert hopes to inspire others in their fitness journey and assist them in reaching their own fitness goals. He’ll accomplish this through his start-up fitness business, BodySmart Co., which he’s started with the help of Professor of Business Matthew Kenney.

“Dr. Kenney inspired me when I came to him with this venture,” Robert said. “I explained to him my want to help people with their health and wellness. He was intrigued, and we continued the conversation further. During the conversation, he said something that opened a huge door for me. He said, ‘Go where the money is.’ I looked at him, and I had so many ideas rush into my head.”

These ideas ultimately led to a business model rooted in promoting healthy lifestyles by supporting individuals seeking one-on-one training as well as employers looking to encourage their employees’ to achieve physical wellness.

“We aim to educate people in health and to promote healthy lifestyles,” Robert explained, adding, “not just to the individual person looking to change their lives, but also to give employers something for their employees, too. Physical activity is beneficial in so many ways.”

According to Robert, the benefits of participating in BodySmart Co. include everything from reduced injuries to enhanced state of mind for individuals, as well as increase employee cohesion, decrease absenteeism and improve overall performance and productivity for employers.

Proud of Robert’s ambitions and dedication to serving others through this venture, Matthew commented, “Robert is a shining example of a student entrepreneur. He is building a business that helps people and companies. I am especially excited about his offerings that help employers improve employee health and productivity. While many companies offer fitness resources as a benefit, most employees do not utilize them. With Rob’s guidance, managers who care about employee wellness can develop fitness plans that work.”

You can learn more about Robert’s services, including how he can help you, via his business’ recently launched Facebook page.

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  • Danielle Woodley said:

    This is such a fantastic and influential article. It's so good to see people doing what they love. Though with every business there will be obstacles, he didn't let that stop him from pursuing what he loved to do. I think the thing I took away from this article is that, you should follow through with your passion. Even when there are road blocks, we shouldn't let that stop or hinder us from what we love.

    PMMon, 04 May 2020 12:05:44 +0000Mon, 04 May 2020 12:05:44 +0000pm20,12:05 pm

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