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May Procurement News

 Week of May 21st-25th Changes of P-Card Approvers/Supervisors/Budget Managers Please remember to update and submit the appropriate P-Card forms if any changes have recently occurred in your office. For example, if you began reporting to a new supervisor or budget manager, you need to update the P-Card Application, or if your P-Card approver has recently […]

April Procurement News

Congratulations to Janet Vivian – Our New P-Card Administrative Coordinator! Janet Vivian, former purchasing agent, has been promoted to purchasing card administrative coordinator! Janet has worked in the procurement office since January 2009. She has a strong buyer background and with her expertise, will be an asset in her new role with p-cards. She looks […]

February Procurement News

Week of February 27th-March 3rd Key Provisions of College Policy 6Hx28:3E-05.2 College Policy 6Hx28:3E-05.2 deals in part with employees doing business with the College. This is a must read for all college employees who have outside businesses. Key provisions of the Policy include: Doing business with the College: Subject to certain exemptions as set forth […]

January Procurement News

Week of January 30th – Feb 3rd Ethics Valencia’s Policy for Code of Ethics for Public Employees (6Hx28:3E-05.2) states that employees should not solicit or accept any gifts of value, should not conduct business with the college in a private capacity, should not receive unauthorized compensation, and no employee shall disclose or use information not […]

December Procurement News

Week of December 5th-9th Promotional and Uniform Supplier Event Procurement is in the early planning stages of hosting a promotional and uniform supplier event, and we would like to have your input on making it a success. Valencia has been doing business with same five promotional/uniform suppliers for the past four years and would like to […]

Procurement User Resources in Atlas

Did you know that many of your procurement questions can be easily answered by logging into Atlas? Yes, procurement has a user resource area listed in your Atlas account on the “Finance” tab, in the left column. This feature has several helpful links to information including, guidelines for GL codes to help you determine which […]

November Procurement News

Week of November 28th– December 2nd Vendor Discussion Meeting The Procurement Office will begin hosting a monthly “Supplier Discussion Meeting” on the West Campus on Tuesday, December 6. This question and answers session will provide helpful procurement information and will allow potential suppliers to learn how to conduct business with the college. For more information […]

Cabin Creek Food Services

For the month of November, Procurement has scheduled a series of food service meetings with the intent of ensuring a professional and competitive service to our students, faculty and staff. These meetings will help us to gather information, concerns, and suggestions regarding our current supplier, Cabin Creek. These meetings are open to all Valencia faculty, […]

P-Card User Group is Now Forming

In an effort to enhance the Valencia P-Card program and experience, Procurement requests your involvement in creating and participating in a “P-Card User Group”. The P-Card program belongs to the users. By creating a P-Card User Group, Procurement will have the opportunity to interact with participants on a regular basis and make program improvements based […]

Updated PaymentNet Web-site

Procurement is in the process of embellishing the JPMorgan PaymentNet web-site where you will see some minor changes. In the Transaction List, a column has been added called ‘Purchasing’ and this is for the Purchasing staff only. Do not click in the box. The ‘Review’ box is for all cardholders to review their transactions and […]