Celebrate National Men’s Health Month with Preventative Health Care


June is National Men’s Health Month, so Valencia is teaming up with organizations from across the country to heighten awareness about preventable men’s health issues and encourage our male employees to seek regular medical attention to ensure the early detection and treatment of disease or injury.

The problem is, according to UnitedHealthcare, Valencia’s health insurance provider, men have a higher tendency to avoid regular medical checkups than their female counterparts due to negative perceptions about doctors often passed on from other male family members.

But here’s the deal: As UnitedHealthcare explains, real men DO get checkups, and checkups can save lives.

By getting regular health screenings, you are more likely to identify and treat health issues before they become serious or even life threatening. With heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes accounting for 60 percent of all deaths, early detection is a crucial component of men’s health.

To help identify risks to your health, click here for a preventative health game plan produced by UnitedHealthcare, and talk to your doctor about your preventative health care plan.

To further take charge of your health, view this packet produced by UnitedHealthcare, which covers healthy living practices everyone can adopt, the myths and facts about prostate cancer — which is the second-leading cause of cancer death in men — and five ways to keep your brain healthy.

As a reminder, UnitedHealthcare covers preventive services at 100 percent, on recommendations based on your age range, without charging a copayment, coinsurance or deductible, as long as the preventive healthcare screening is serviced within the health plan’s network.

If you have questions about your Valencia health care benefits, please contact the Benefits team by email at benefits@valenciacollege.edu or by phone at extension 8266.

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