CFEED to Help Provide Seamless Transitions Between Central Florida Educational Institutions

As a higher education institution, we know that data can help predict challenges in educational attainment and, more importantly, foster solutions to prevent those challenges or risk factors from preventing educational success. Until recently, however, most of that data was restricted to organizational silos — limiting its potential for big-picture analysis of students’ performance in kindergarten through college. The Central Florida Education Ecosystem Database (CFEED) project, however, is changing the narrative.

Funded by the Helios Education Foundation, with CFEED, Orange County Public Schools, the School District of Osceola County, Valencia College and the University of Central Florida (UCF) will aggregate their data on all of their students (currently 389,000+ combined) to gain insights on student transition. The insights will be the basis for collaboration among educational partners to reduce barriers and encourage more seamless transitions between institutions in our educational ecosystem.

“CFEED’s purpose is to provide insights on student success that will enable us to design and improve programs and practices so that more students experience success at Valencia and complete their associate degree,” explained Joyce Romano, vice president, educational partnerships. “Working with the other CFEED partners, the actions based on insights are intended to increase the number of students that complete high school, continue to college and earn bachelor’s degrees.”

Faculty may also be able to gain insights into specific course success patterns or the characteristics of incoming K-12 students. As the system matures, faculty will be able to participate in the development of CFEED.

“In the future,” she said, “we will be able to invite faculty and staff to engage with CFEED staff to shape research questions for inquiry and to consider what program or service changes are desired based on the insights we learn.”

The project has a target implementation plan of 2020 and is currently being led by Joyce, Director Michael Holt, Research Analysis Rachael Russell and Administrative Assistant Angela Charles from Valencia as well as research analysts, database administrators and lead administrators from the other educational partners. Accenture is the technical provider to provide the platform and system for CFEED development.

To learn more about this project and its impact on Central Florida education, click here.

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