Closing Out the 2014–15 Check-In

check-in-270wOn Monday, April 6, 2015, the 2014-15 End-of-Year Check-In was launched, and all full-time staff members received an email notification letting them know they may begin this final phase of the Check-In process. Once the End-of-Year Check-In phase is complete, you will collaboratively plan for development opportunities and establish goals for the upcoming year during the 2015-16 Beginning-of-Year Check-In conversations, based on the status of completion of your employee’s goals. Please be sure to utilize the Check-In Discussion Planner as you engage in these meaningful conversations.

Preparing for the conversation is key, for both you and your employee, and will help guide goals for the coming year. The Check-In process is designed to foster ongoing conversations between supervisors and employees in which expectations sliceare clearly communicated, goals and tasks are established and conversations about performance occur on a regular basis. While ongoing feedback should take place throughout the year, this phase in the Check-In cycle is the perfect time to provide recognition and to identify opportunities to further develop your team.

The conversations you lead with your staff about their development and the priorities of your department will enable you to set the stage for success. Stay curious about your employees; it creates connection, and your employees will appreciate that you cared enough to share your insights, provide feedback and invest time in their development.

Be sure that your employees’ 2014-15 End-of-Year Check-In is submitted according to these established due dates:

check-in-endyear-dates-groveA notification email will be sent in early May to all full-time staff members letting them know that they may begin the 2015-16 Beginning-of-Year Check-In. If you, or your team members, would like assistance with the Check-In process, please contact your campus director of organizational development and human resources, or employee development team at or extension 8095.

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