Collaborative Governance System Update

A message from Susan Ledlow, Vice President, Academic Affairs and Planning

As many of you know, our Collaborative Governance System went through a detailed and thorough review and redesign process over the last two years, and is now ready for implementation. College President Sandy Shugart described the new governance system in an animation video that was shared in June 2014. The system features three councils – Executive, Learning Leadership, and Faculty Councils – whose work is coordinated by a “Council Co-chairs Team” and supported by the Office of Academic Affairs and Planning.

The Learning Leadership Council is co-chaired by the immediate past president of the Faculty Association, Deidre Holmes DuBois, professor of speech, and myself. The Executive Council is co-chaired by two vice-presidents, Joyce Romano, vice-president of student affairs, and Amy Bosley, vice-president of organizational development and human resources. The Faculty Council, as in the past, is chaired by a president, Carl Creasman, who is elected by the faculty.

It was very exciting to hold our first official meeting of the Learning Leadership Council (LLC) on Thursday, September 4, 2014. The LLC reviewed new processes and procedures for council operations and provided feedback and guidance on three proposed work plans.

The thoughtful work of the governance review team, led by Michele McArdle, executive dean, Winter Park Campus, and Michael Shugg, professor of theater, in 2011, pointed to the need to provide greater transparency and communication about decision-making at the College. While it will take some time to build all the tools needed to fully support and communicate the work in our new governance process, I am committed to providing the Valencia community with access to updated information and progress on the work of all the Councils.

After each LLC and Executive Council meeting, you’ll find an update in The Juice. These updates will provide you with information on new projects and initiatives, and communicate opportunities for you to participate, share feedback and otherwise engage in the governance of our College. Relatively soon, these updates will also link to our new governance website that will house meeting agendas and summaries, current work plans and progress reports on initiatives and projects commissioned by the Councils.

If you have any questions about the Collaborative Governance System, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or at extension 3423. For information on agendas, reports and work plans, you may contact Kari Makepeace, council coordinator, at or at extension 3415. You are also encouraged to share your feedback and ask questions via the “comments” tool below.

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