College Operations Council, November 2012 Meeting

By Rob McCaffrey

From the COC Meeting on November 14, 2012

Travel Reimbursement

There were two interesting employee travel issues that arose at this meeting. The first is that the college, in an effort to save money, has entered into negotiated contracts with the rental car company Enterprise. This is in addition to a state of Florida negotiated contract that exists with Avis Car Rental.

The result is that you will begin to see recommendations on travel forms to use Enterprise or Avis as a best practice when renting a car with college money. It isn’t required that you do so, but it is highly likely that the college will move to reimbursing car rentals at our negotiated rates regardless of what company you use. The council discussed July 1, 2013 as a possible starting date for that practice. I’ll keep you posted as decisions on this solidify.

The second travel issue is that the council is considering a new way of determining in-district travel. Our current policy defines this as destinations within Orange and Osceola Counties, but in some cases, our campuses are close to destinations outside those counties. It may be possible to extend the area around our campuses that would allow for people to fill out the simpler, in-district travel forms. Jackie Lasch, assistant vice president of financial services, will lead a group to discuss a new way of defining in-district travel, and I’m hoping to find at least three faculty members (hopefully from different campuses) to help with this re-visioning of the travel parameters.

Food Service Survey

Sherri Dixon, assistant vice president of budget/auxiliary services, is chairing a group that is looking at whether to extend the current Cabin Creek contract. She shared the results of a college-wide survey of employees and students about their experiences with food service at the college. Based on the results of the survey, the recommendation to the council is to extend Cabin Creek’s contract. Although the survey only indicated small areas of concern, primarily over the selection of healthy choices, Sherri will meet with Cabin Creek to see if any of those concerns can be address.

In two years, the current contract is up and must go out to re-bid, so if any of you in the faculty body desire fundamental changes in how the college delivers food service, we should start forming our own discussion groups now. Let me know if you’d like to do that and I’ll facilitate the meetings.

In the interest of brevity, I’m not reporting here on other discussion items like grants, career staff professional development, upcoming employee training on preventing identity theft, or updates on cool library news. If any of those items interest you, call me or visit the COC website in a few weeks and look for the minutes from 11/14/12.

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