College Update – May 2013

A special message from Dr. Sandy Shugart, Valencia College President

Dear Colleagues,

You may have already seen that the Board of Trustees approved freezing Valencia’s tuition for one more year at $99.06 per credit hour. I am pleased that we are able, for just one more year, to respond to the financial pressures our students have been feeling – and to capitalize on this to stimulate enrollment, especially among our recent college “stop-outs.” But, I also want you to know that we would not have recommended freezing tuition unless we were also confident of the board’s support of a workable budget for the coming year. The budget will be formally approved in June, but has tacit support from the board now. It will include several items of interest to many of you, such as:

  1. The addition of nine new, tenure-track faculty positions;
  2. Salary increases of one step for tenure-track faculty and the equivalent (1.85 percent) to other full-time and part-time staff (unfortunately, we are not able to do the same for adjunct faculty);
  3. The conversion of nearly all four-month faculty positions to eight-month contracts, providing for uninterrupted, year-round health benefits and the 1.85 percent increase;
  4. Staffing and other fixed costs associated with the new Lake Nona Campus and Building 4 at the Osceola Campus; and
  5. Some conversions of part-time staff positions to full-time, mostly in student affairs and certain lab areas.

Given the challenges of recent years, this is a solid budget and I am grateful to the board for their support of our work. We will share other details on the budget and related matters in June.

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