Congratulations Tenure Class of 2018

Congratulations to the tenure class of 2018, the first group of Valencia faculty members to complete the five-year process. Our newly tenured faculty are as follows:

East Campus

  • David Brunick, professor, computer programming/analysis
  • Ginny Kopf, professor, theater
  • Jerry Hensel, professor, computer programming and analysis
  • Joshua Guillemette, professor, mathematics
  • Keri Siler, professor, mathematics
  • Rafael Davila, counselor
  • Randy Gordon, professor, English
  • Wendy Hawkinson, professor, sound and music technology
  • Wendy Toscano, professor, paralegal studies

Lake Nona Campus

Osceola Campus

  • Gregg Scible, professor, mathematics
  • Stephanie Kokaisel, professor, mathematics

Poinciana Campus

  • Eunice Laurent, professor, biology

School of Public Safety

West Campus

  • Becca Toole, professor, English
  • Darren Lacoste, professor, mathematics
  • Lynda Wilson, professor, health sciences
  • Juan Yang, professor, nursing
  • Kate Baldridge-Hale, professor, English for Academic Purposes
  • Kathy White-Sparks, professor, nursing
  • Kelli Lewis, professor, health information technology
  • Keyma Sobratti, professor, nursing
  • Nelly Cintron-Lorenzo, professor, accounting
  • Sandra Bowling, professor, drafting and design technology
  • Sarah Powers, professor, cardio technology
  • Scott Paxton, professor, accounting
  • Sharon Shenton, professor, cardiopulmonary science
  • Shawna Defriece, professor, cardio technology

The group was celebrated on Thursday, March 22, 2018, during a tenure candidate reception at the West Campus Special Events Center. The reception was the culmination of a rigorous five-year, pre-tenure process focused on the development and refinement of professional practices in teaching, librarianship or counselorship.



  • Roberta Carew said:

    Congrats to all and especially my West Campus folks! I saw first hand the dedication and effort that went into many of your portfolios. Job well done! ūüôā

    AMFri, 01 Jun 2018 06:21:14 +0000Fri, 01 Jun 2018 06:21:14 +0000am18,6:21 am

  • Nichole Segarra said:

    Congratulations Valencia Tenure Class of 2018!

    AMFri, 01 Jun 2018 09:47:13 +0000Fri, 01 Jun 2018 09:47:13 +0000am18,9:47 am

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