Congratulations to Our Newly Certified Digital Professors!

Eighty Valencia educators were recently certified as digital professors, a designation that indicates the completion of 20 hours of professional development in the areas of pedagogy and technology in online and hybrid teaching and learning. 

Chaz Davis, a career program advisor for architecture, engineering and technology as well as an adjunct instructor, said that getting this certification will expand his teaching opportunities.

Commenting on the certification process itself, Chaz said, “The certification [assists] faculty in developing a framework of best practices and strategies for engaging, instructing, supporting and communicating with students in the online environment.”

To successfully complete the Digital Professor Certification, a faculty member must complete the following requirements:

  • 16 hours of required pedagogy courses 
  • at least two hours of optional pedagogy courses
  • and at least two hours of optional technology courses

For more information about Digital Professor Certification please visit the faculty development website.

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