Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses – Management is Service, Not Control

By Erin Tuttle

This week we bring you the third core belief in an eight-series installment about how the best managers and supervisors have a fundamentally different understanding of workplace, company, and team dynamics. These core beliefs are based on the research of Geoffrey James, award-winning journalist, in an article titled “8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses,” published on

Core Belief 3 – Management is Service, Not Control: Average bosses want employees to do exactly what they’re told. They’re hyper-aware of anything that smacks of insubordination and create environments where individual initiative is squelched by the “wait and see what the boss says” mentality.

Extraordinary bosses set a general direction and then commit themselves to obtaining the resources that their employees need to get the job done. They push decision making downward, allowing teams to form their own rules and intervening only in emergencies.

This belief is practiced at Valencia says Darryl Pirmal, security officer at the Downtown Center, who explains how his supervisor Marisa Zuniga, West Campus security manager, demonstrates that management is service, not control.

Since becoming a full-time employee at Valencia in 2009, Darryl has had the same manager, Marisa, who “has always been an inspiration to me,” Darryl said.

“She instilled in me that as security officers, we have great responsibility within the college and within the community – that we are ambassadors to the college, and often times, we are the first contact people have upon entering the campus,” he explained.

Marisa maintains that if officers are given the proper training and tools to accomplish their job, nothing should keep them from excelling. “I am happy to report that I have been given those opportunities,” Darryl said.

Darryl was also eager to share that, “Marisa has given me the opportunity to work at various locations, and allowed me freedom to take ownership [at each] location. I have been able to attend numerous internal trainings to improve my leadership skills, and I have also been able to further my education by acquiring my Associate of Arts degree.”

He continued to say, “Marisa encourages me by always adding new and challenging things to my regular duties. I think this allows her to see that I am versatile and adaptable to various situations, and challenges.”

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If you are interested in sharing your Valencia perspective about the fourth core belief – My Employees Are My Peers, Not My Children – in the next issue of the Supervisor Segment, please contact Erin Tuttle at or at extension 8257.

Geoffrey James writes the “Sales Source” column on, the world’s most-visited sales-oriented blog. The excerpt from his article was reproduced with permission of MANSUETO VENTURES LLC in the format Newsletter via Copyright Clearance Center. Inc. Copyright 2012 by MANSUETO VENTURES LLC.

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