December 2015 Procurement News

What’s New with the P-card Program?


A message from Rhonda Ulmer, Managing Director of Procurement

Procurement appreciates the feedback received from all P-card users, approvers and budget managers at the User Groups Meetings. In an effort to continuously improve the purchasing card program, the College is working on several new initiatives.

Weekly Downloads

Working with JP Morgan Chase and the Office of Information Technology, the goal is to change the weekly download process to a daily download. What does this mean for the cardholders, and how will this provide better efficiencies?

By implementing a daily download, it will provide improved oversight of departmental budget with up-to-date, real time budget reporting in Banner. Daily downloads and real-time budget balances will help to reduce non-sufficient funds fees and the ability to reduce the cycle time of purchasing transactions.

Master Agreements

Additionally, procurement will be facilitating Master Negotiated Agreements with suppliers frequently paid by the P-card and with expenditures exceeding $25,000 annually. This will reduce the P-card usage and save the College money while pooling requirements and gaining a higher discount rate. With Master Agreements, departments will simply issue a requisition for a Blanket Order Purchase Order through Banner to pay for the goods and services instead of using the P-card.

Procurement strives to continuously improve its purchasing processes and to search for new methods to save money. Please continue to provide your suggestions and comments.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or extension 3861.

A message from Rhonda Ulmer, Managing Director, Procurement

New Speaker Agreement


In an effort to make the contracting process for speaking engagements more efficient and simpler to use, Procurement has developed a “speaker” or lecturer agreement in conjunction with the Office of Policy and General CounselThe speaker agreement will not require a Certificate of Insurance. The speaker agreement will require signatures of the individual initiating the contract, budget manager, contractor and Loren Bender, vice president of business operations and finance. Click here to view a sample paid speaker agreement.

The new Agreement will be available as a fillable form under Valencia Forms in late December 2016. If you would like to use it now, please contact procurement.

The Independent Contractor Agreement will only be used for entertainment and performance-type services. Other similar student activity services will require certificates of insurance.

Revised Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)

The last revision to the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) incorporated the new IRS standards for determining whether a person providing services to the College is an employee or considered an independent contractor.

Based on feedback received, we have modified the agreement to make it easier to understand the IRS criteria. The new agreement is now available in Atlas, on the Employees tab. Under the Employee Support section, click on Tools and then Valencia Forms.

Please remember to have independent contractor agreements completed and signed by the budget manager, contractor and Loren Bender, vice president of business operations and finance.

As always, requisitions should only be created in Banner when an agreement has been fully executed. P-cards are not an acceptable method of payment.

Certificates of Insurance (COI) for liability and automobile coverage are a requirement to do business with the College. Risk Management has designed a matrix of insurance requirements based on risk to the College, titled “Minimum Insurance Requirements for Contracts.” This matrix should be reviewed prior to contracting to ensure that the vendor/contractor can provide the required insurance for the task or project. Click here to see a copy of the Minimum Insurance Requirements for Contracts document.

If you  have questions relating to insurance, please contact the Safety, Security and Risk Management Department at extension 3860 or 1455.

Please remember that Procurement is always willing to review your agreements and provide assistance for compliance prior to speaking with the vendor or gathering signatures, so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

For help, please contact me at or extension 3861.

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