Division of Business and Hospitality Partners with Orange County to Increase Parents’ Employment Skills


Participants from the Community Action Division of Orange County Florida for Family, Health and Social Services earned certificates to increase their employability in a partnership with Valencia’s Division of Business and Hospitality. They were joined by Valencia’s Terry Allcorn, Marie Howard and Julie Lux, along with Orange County representatives, at a ceremony held in their honor in December 2015.

A message from Falecia Williams, President, West Campus

The West Campus Division of Business and Hospitality partnered with the Orange County Community Action Division for Families, Health & Social Services to offer two office support certificates to parents interested in increasing their employment potential. The objective was to support the parents in Family Services to complete a workforce credential so they can increase their employment potential and support the continued development of their children.

The students pictured above earned two certificates as of the end of the fall 2015 semester — an Office Support Certificate of 12 credits and an Office Specialist Certificate of 18 credits.

Mildred Franceschi, former dean of business and hospitality, was contacted in 2013 about the program, and Marie Howard, program chair and professor, office systems technology, continued with the partnership upon Mildred’s retirement in December 2013.

The Division would also like to acknowledge the support of many individuals across the institution who worked with students to guide them through the admission/registration process and to ensure they had course materials each semester.

Marie, along with Adjunct Professors of Office Systems Technology Julie Lux, Linda Morris-Henry, Calvin Snyder and Melba Medina worked closely with the students.

“I was excited to learn that I would be teaching the students from the Orange County program in their final three semesters, as I had subbed with them in a previous semester and thoroughly enjoyed their enthusiasm in learning,” said Julie. “Some of them had not even used a computer before, and it was so exciting to see the improvement from beginning to end. I feel quite honored that I was a part of this experience for them and that they are pursuing their educational and career goals.”

Linda found that “the students were adamant about doing well in the class, because they did not want to disappoint themselves or the Orange County Community Action Division for Families, Health and Social Services.”

Marie was pleased to offer the opportunity to this group of students. “Upon the first day at orientation on June 6, 2014, they were eager to begin their journeys and excited about their prospective futures,” she said.

A small ceremony was held for the women who completed the certificate program in late December 2015.

“This program is a great example of how Valencia and the office system technology program can partner with other organizations to make a real impact on people’s lives. We are very proud of all that these students have accomplished. This is what Valencia is all about,” said Dean of Business and Hospitality Terry Allcorn.

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    What wonderful work, and collaboration with our community!

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