East Campus Welcomes Faculty Senate Adjunct Representatives


Stephen Combs, adjunct professor of English, and Lauri Lott, adjunct professor of education, were elected to serve as East Campus faculty senate adjunct representatives.

Stephen Combs

“Part-time pay and working conditions are becoming major debate issues on community college campuses around the country, and Valencia is no different,” he explained, noting that while representing their constituents, senators must consider the best interests of the Valencia community.

“In this regard, we must deal with the realities of budgets, long-term goals of the College and both internal and legislative politics, so I would find it irresponsible to pursue a single goal important to adjuncts while ignoring the wider interests of the College.”

Still, adjunct pay is a key concern of those he represents.

One of his primary goals is to make part-time faculty more aware that they have representation in the faculty senate. To do so, he plans to be visible and available. He also intends to make part-time faculty feel more a part of the institution, since many have routines of coming to campus, teaching and leaving soon after. He’d like to have those who are interested meet and share best practices, and he envisions identifying more avenues for this to take place.

Lauri Lott

Lauri’s goals are to collaborate with Stephen to enhance greater representation of adjunct faculty and to continue the support of the faculty resource rooms located throughout the campus.

“I want to make these spaces functional with computers, printers, phones, workspace, meeting room and warm and inviting by enhancing the environment with artwork, bulletin boards and inspirational quotes, for example,” Lauri said.

She will promote a suggestion box in each faculty resource room for adjunct faculty concerns, continue a monthly information newsletter and increase greater feedback through the use of a Valencia Facebook group for adjunct faculty.

Furthermore, Lauri plans to participate in any vacancy on the East Campus Faculty Technology Committee. “As an instructor for Introduction to Technology for Educators, this contribution and expertise would be an extension of what I already teach to future teachers.”

The pair, who will serve two-year terms from 2015-2017, are prepared for their roles and look forward to voicing the concerns of Valencia’s robust adjunct faculty and supporting the issues that relate to adjunct faculty members’ continued involvement at Valencia.

For more information about faculty governance, read the monthly faculty governance updates from Faculty Association President Carl Creasman in the Faculty Insight newsletter. For information on Faculty Association meetings, visit the Faculty Association website.

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