Enrollment Planning – Looking Ahead to Next Year

By Rob McCaffrey

A recurring responsibility of the campus presidents over the last month has been to craft an enrollment plan. The superficial goal that you will see as a result of this will be a year-long schedule in place as early as fall of 2013.

The underlying goal is to smooth out some of the fluctuations we experience in enrollment and stabilize our plans for resources. This will hopefully result in fewer last minute course additions and deletions as a result of enrollment, give students better information when planning their long-term schedules, and allow programs leverage in hiring adjuncts by being able to inform instructors about schedules far in advance of a semester.

The base assumption of this work is that we are able to influence our enrollment growth through proper planning and marketing. The campus presidents are starting by looking at three questions:

  • Where do we have demand for courses, but limited capacity?
  • Where do we have capacity, but demand must be stimulated?
  • Where should we create demand for new courses and programs?

There isn’t a particular call to action right now; I’m just hoping to give you some background for when you encounter these conversations in your division meetings.

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