Essential Supervisors Competencies Certificate Program Mid-Point Gathering

The second cohort of the Essential Supervisory Competencies (ESC) Certificate Program met on Tuesday, February 26, for a mid-point gathering to engage in activities that put their supervisory competencies to work using “real life” scenarios and situations. During this workshop, supervisors shared how they are implementing the skills they are learning in the ESC program, and provided feedback and support to one another.

This highly impactful certificate program consists of online courses and classroom workshops that focus on the five key Valencia supervisory competencies: Communication, Collaboration, Manage Performance, Creating a Culture for Employee Success, and Planning. The program also provides meaningful networking opportunities designed to strengthen partnerships college-wide.

“Instead of providing a single experience that is forgotten with time, the ESC program provides regular opportunities for learning and reflection on my practices as a supervisor,” said Katy Moore, director of learning support services at the Winter Park Campus. “The format of the program allows for interaction with other supervisors across the college to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions. This program has been beneficial to my growth as a supervisor.”

The Essential Supervisory Competencies (ESC) Certificate Program is open to all full-time employees who currently serve in a supervisory role at the college. The next cohort will begin in the fall of 2013 – stay tuned for further details!

This program is being coordinated by the office for organizational communication and development. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Tuttle at or at 8257.


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