Excitement Abounds with the Approval of Valencia’s First Online Learning Plan

A message from Susan Ledlow, Vice President, Academic Affairs and Planning

It is my pleasure to announce that the senior team approved Valencia’s first, comprehensive Online Learning Plan on Wednesday, March 30, 2016.

This work was kick-started in 2013, with the commission of Diane Meiller and Associates to perform an assessment of online learning at Valencia. As a result of the study and their findings, in February 2015, the Learning Leadership Council (LLC) commissioned short-term work teams to design strategies, processes and practices to increase student success in online courses and to support faculty and deans in delivering online courses and programs.

Over the past year, each team has worked very hard reviewing the literature on online teaching and learning, gathering and analyzing data, and collaborating with a variety of other teams and departments whose expertise might inform their decisions. The co-chairs of the teams met regularly with me and with each other throughout the process to ensure that their recommendations would be aligned as part of one coherent plan that could be implemented.

During the online learning redesign process, the teams requested and reviewed related student data, researched best practices in the field and received input and feedback from faculty members, administrators, staff members and students. The data, research and collaborative work process informed the recommendations and plans that the teams submitted. Work proposals and plans generated by the work teams went through the College’s governance process and were revised and/or implemented based on feedback from the Faculty Council, Learning Leadership Council and Instructional Affairs Committee. To review a complete list of work proposals and plans click here or visit Valencia’s Governance Web page.

As the executive sponsor of the work, my job has been to support the teams, give them feedback, ask hard questions and ultimately to bring their work forward to the senior team and procure the funding required to implement the plan.

Wendi Dew, assistant vice president, teaching and learning, has led the coordination of the work and has worked closely with faculty members, deans and staff members who served as co-chairs for the groups. Nearly 150 employees worked on the process and feedback was gathered from many more. Click the button below to view the team names, co-chairs and members.

After the proposals and the plans were authorized by the governance councils, the co-chairs of the work teams, Wendi and I worked together to create a five-year plan that integrated the recommendations of all of the teams. We also estimated the staffing required to carry out the plan and the associated costs. To read the consolidated Online Learning Plan Five-Year Proposal, click here.

This plan will be transformative when implemented and ensures that over the next five years, we will have a program in place that provides faculty with the development, tools and support they need to be successful in teaching online. Deans will be more confident about their skills in evaluating the quality of online classes and students will be better prepared for online learning — and thus, more successful.


I was honored to sponsor this work. The teams were comprised of our best minds at the College. Our co-chairs were pioneers in online work long before this project began, and their passion and knowledge were invaluable in the development of this comprehensive and creative plan.

Over the next few months, you will receive additional information and updates on the plan implementation, major developments and activities. We look forward to engaging your feedback as we move forward on this new and exciting learning centered initiative.

Your questions and comments are welcomed. Feel free to share your feedback or ask questions via the “comments” tool below.

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  • Karen Cowden said:

    What exciting times for our college as we move into the 21st Century learning mode of on-line, flipped classrooms, active learning, gamification, and more type innovative practices! I have enjoyed being a part of this work and look forward to more to come.

    AMTue, 05 Apr 2016 10:20:01 +0000Tue, 05 Apr 2016 10:20:01 +0000am16,10:20 am

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