Faculty Development 2012-13 Courses and Programs

Are you interested in enhancing your practice and improving your students’ learning? How about learning from your colleagues and sharing your expertise in a collaborative community within your campus, discipline or division?

The start of another academic year offers us an opportunity to take a fresh look at our teaching and think about new and innovative strategies to enhance student learning. Valencia’s comprehensive, competency-based faculty development program provides a variety of opportunities, from face-to-face seminars to online and hybrid courses. Courses are uniquely designed and facilitated by Valencia experts – your colleagues.

Valuable and new programs are available to you through faculty development including:

Digital Professor Certification
A series designed to explore key issues regarding teaching and learning in the web-enhanced, hybrid and online environments.

Associate Faculty Certification
An opportunity for adjunct and full-time, non-tenure earning faculty, to enhance teaching practice and student learning, while also becoming part of a collaborative, innovative teaching community.

Seneff Faculty Development Program NEW!
A series open to all Valencia faculty members with an individual commitment to the development of the honors community at the college.

Study Abroad Program Leader Certification Program NEW!
A series designed to prepare full-time faculty members to develop and lead a meaningful short-term study abroad experience for Valencia’s students.

LifeMap Faculty Development Certificate Program NEW!
A series designed to support all faculty members, full-time and part-time, as they expand their knowledge and integration of LifeMap and College Success Skills with the goal of enhanced student learning.

And more . . .

Faculty Development seeks to support all faculty members as they expand their professional practices and examine their ongoing development in the seven Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator. Our courses and programs are designed to support every faculty member’s development in these competencies.

Whether you are looking for a single course or interested in working toward a certificate program, you can begin today by visiting the faculty development website. You can also contact any member of our team on your campus in the Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation:

East Campus: Building 4, Room 133 (Extension 2297)
Lake Nona Campus:
Building 1, Room 344 (Extension 4812)
Osceola Campus:
Building 1, Room 116 (Extension 4812)
West Campus:
Building 6, Room 326A (Extension 1051)
Winter Park Campus:
Room 130 (Extension 6919)

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