Faculty Governance Update — June 2020

Thursday, June 25, 2020 

A Message from Stanton Reed, President, Collegewide Faculty Association

Greetings, faculty. A lot has happened in our country and the Valencia community since my last message to you. We find ourselves in the midst of COVID-19 and deep discovery of the continuing challenges of racial inequality and police brutality. At the moment, this is our space in history. What will we do to heal, reconcile and revolutionize systemic systems of injustice and inequity? I suggest we start at home. Right here, right now at our Valencia College.

Faculty, I challenge us to reject the notion of living in spaces of comfort and self-denial. Instead, let us be courageous and reflective in our practices to seek understanding and acknowledge that racial inequality exists in our Valencia culture. Let us continue to lean into the rich stories and experiences that are being shared by our colleagues revealing their pain, sadness and discontentment. Let us own the implicit and explicit biases that perpetuate this in our Valencia culture. Awareness, understanding and acceptance are one of the first steps to healing. The next steps require education, communication, transparency and vulnerability. The foundational step is the most challenging and one of the hardest. Yes, TRUST. We must trust one another to be forgiving of our missteps and good intentions, which often have adverse impact.

On a much lighter note, I have several business updates as well from our Thursday June 11, 2020, Faculty Council meeting to share:

Valencia College Academic Continuity Plan for Course Reassignment
Vice President of Organizational Development and Human Resources Amy Bosley presented a plan to us designed to provide guidance for circumstances that require reassigning a course from a primary faculty member to a substituting faculty member for the remainder of the academic term. To read the plan, click here. If you have feedback on the plan, please send it to Amy at abosley@valenciacollege.edu by Tuesday, June 30, 2020. A revised draft will be brought to the Faculty Council in July for endorsement.

2020-2021 Faculty Pay
Great news! The District Board of Trustees approved a pay raise for faculty and staff in its Wednesday, June 24, 2020, meeting.

For full-time faculty, pay raises are as follows:

Tenured/Tenure-track Faculty

  • Step + 1% adjustment of the baseline
  • For faculty members over step 30, they would receive the same dollar amount as someone moving from step 29 – 30, paid as a lump sum

Annually-appointed Faculty

  • 2.5% increase (no adjustment of starting salaries)

Temporary Full-time Faculty

  • No change

For part-time faculty, pay raises are as follows:

Per Contact-hour Rates

  • 2.5% adjustment, plus an additional 2.5% for expanded contract dates
  • Part-time faculty contracts will now begin the day that faculty report for the term and end one day after grades are due

Clock-hour Faculty Rates (paid based on degree attainment)

  • 5% adjustment with further analysis to be conducted

Substitution Rates

  • 5% adjustment

Before I sign off for this month, I want to remind you not to forget the opportunities that COVID-19 has afforded us. A colleague shared this epiphany with me.

They asked me are you familiar with the tree called a Lagerstroemia. Okay, I might be dramatizing the story a little bit. Many of us know the tree to be called a Crape Myrtle. They noticed at the start of COVID-19 that the tree had been pruned and the branches were bare. But, over time they noticed growth and eventually the tree blossomed and now offers a beautiful picture to view outside their office window.

Like the Crape Myrtle, let us allow ourselves to be pruned of old notions. Let us mutually choose to create spaces for discomfort, respect and empathy. Let us reject dehumanizing others because of the color of their skin, gender or any other attributes that incite the insidiousness of marginalization. Ultimately, let us learn to embrace an active love that will lead our Valencia community to healing and restoring humanity to all. So, I urge you: participate in reading circles, conversations and commit to making an impact in the locations where you find yourselves. We continue to thrive in this, together.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, or you just need someone to listen during this time, please contact me at sreed21@valenciacollege.edu or 407-299-5000, extension 4224.

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