Faculty Governance Update — October 2021

Thursday, October 28, 2021

A Message from Michael Robbins, President, Collegewide Faculty Association

Hello Valencia Faculty!

Knowing how busy faculty are in October and November, and in the spirit of concision and focus, I wanted to use this opportunity to keep you all updated on the business of the Faculty Council. I remain excited to participate in these conversations, and welcome faculty to reach out if you’d like to bring any issues to the Faculty Council’s attention.

At our October 14 meeting, Faculty Council made the following appointments and held the following discussions:


We appointed faculty to the following committees and work teams:

  • Retention of Continuing Contracts by Administrators Work Team: This work team begins in November 2021 and will review our current procedures for faculty applying for an administrative position with the College.
  • Calendar and Scheduling Committee: This committee reviews and approves the upcoming academic calendars for the College. Discussions will include alignment of modalities to the Final Exam schedule and discussion of observation of the federal holiday for Juneteenth.
  • Sabbatical Committee: This committee reviews applications for sabbatical by faculty and administration and makes recommendations to the College.
  • Appointment of LaVonda Walker-McKnight, professor of New Student Experience, to the Governance Communication Work Team: LaVonda will be working with our Governance Communication Work Team, focusing on best practices for communication between councils at the College.


We have initiated a conversation about the updated reporting tools for Academic Integrity at the College. Specifically, we intend to work with the Academic Integrity Team to discuss best practices and possible updates to policy for reporting incidents related to academic integrity at the College. We will also begin a conversation about future practices for faculty to provide feedback to academic deans.  These will be ongoing conversations that will continue throughout fall 2021 and into spring 2022.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email at mrobbins9@valenciacollege.edu.

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