Faculty Governance Updates, April 2015

faculty-association-leadership-team-jan15-groveYour Collegewide Faculty Association Leadership, from left to right: Michael Robbins, Carl Creasman, Ruby Alvarez, Kris Dougherty, Bill Gombash, Val Woldman; (Not Pictured) Suzette Dohany

By Carl Creasman, President, Collegewide Faculty Association

New Student Experience (NSE) Update
The New Student Experience team continues to be hard at work on our collective Quality Enhancment Plan (QEP), and current signs are positive. The team has been working with the data collected at something of a “mid-way” point in the five years of the QEP. Since Fall 2014 was the first semester of large-scale implementation, working with more than 5,500 students, we have a solid base of data.

faculty-insight-news-idThere are still many steps to take as the data and experience to date have provided places where alteration is demanded, such as how many classes the NSE professors teach, how to balance enrollment between fall and spring semesters of the first-year students and determining the best design for embedding NSE outcomes into associate of science programs. Still, overall, we are making progress in our hopes for these new students, for example, about 75 percent of students in the NSE course better understood the purpose and path for their future. Click here to access the 2014 fall findings report.

Essential Competencies
The steering committee is meeting Wednesday, May 20, 2015, to hear preliminary reports from the various work teams that have spent the last five months investigating the competencies. Expect a report from Celine Kavalec, faculty director, TLA, and me at some point after this meeting. Depending on the nature of the proposed changes, we are planning to invite the full Association to hear about the recommendations in a Friday meeting, in connection with Destination meetings.

Faculty Incentive Plan
The work team completed its work last month and presented its proposal to the Faculty Compensation Advisory Committee (FCAC). The proposal was accepted, and now the FCAC will present this to the Learning Leadership Council for approval. If approved, the plan will come to the Faculty Council for consideration, and at that time, it will be brought to the Association. The faculty involved in the work team (Damion Hammock, professor, mathematics; Robin Poole, professor, dental hygiene; David Freeman, professor, English; Courtney Moore, librarian; and me) believe the suggested plan is a solid one and are eager to share it with you.

Student/College ID Changes
The College ID Task Force has been hard at work. Our representatives, Jerry Reed, professor, computer programming/analysis; Sylvana Vester, professor, mathemtics; and Mary Margaret Thompson, professor, mathematics; have informed me that the group has worked diligently to move equipment from student services to security (all campuses were completed ahead of schedule by March 2015).

Now, faculty and staff ID cards are being printed on magnetic (RFID/NFC capable) cards; this allows faculty to choose combining the photo ID with the capability to open pre-programmed doors, as is currently done with a separate mag-card. This choice, if made by faculty, provides a significant savings per card as well as allows for greater security to your key card since now it will have your picture, if lost. Further, as has been known from the start of this work, there will be a Phase II effort in which ID cards will be required for students, faculty and staff.

Remember, part of the focus of moving in this direction came from faculty who wished to see student pictures on class rolls. When we first broached this in 2013, the biggest holdup was that student IDs were currently not required, so the Association (via the Council) requested that we make this change.

Internship Program Review and Update
The work team, including our representatives Kristy Penino, professor, graphic design; Beverly Bond, professor, radiography; and Christie Miller, professor, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), report that no finalized recommendations have been determined. There is a final internship redesign meeting scheduled to bring some finality and closure to the work on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Laura Blasi, director, institutional assessment, and her team are working on developing student, faculty and employer focus group meetings and surveys that the work team feels will help provide more qualitative data to inform the recommendations.

Student Feedback on Instruction (SFI)
Jolene Rhodes, professor, mathematics, and her committee, including David Curtis, professor biology; Kris Dougherty, professor, biology; Raul Valery, professor, music production technology; and Kathy Pierre, adjunct professor, biology; have implemented the changes as directed by the Association per our survey and review earlier this term.

The Council continues to consider actions to take regarding improving student participation and is in discussions now with Laura Blasi and Bill White, chief information officer, about the feasibility of an end-of-term prompt to students using technology, with the possibility of perhaps limiting access to final grades based on whether a student has completed the SFI. If you have thoughts about the viability of such a plan, please contact any of the SFI committee members or your Council members.

Commencement — Saturday, May 9, 2015
By now, you should have received detailed information from Vice President of Student Affairs Joyce Romano’s office regarding our plans for commencement this year, to be held on the UCF campus. Remember, the time has changed to night; faculty need to report by 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, May 9, 2015, to the Cyprus Room. Check the detailed information or your email from Lisa Yenke, executive assistant, that you received on Friday, April  3, 2015. If you are not planning to attend, you are required to submit a certificate of absence for a half-day of leave (3.5 hours for 10-month classroom faculty, 4 hours for 12-month librarians/counselors).

Changing of the Guard
This is my last governance update as your Association president. I have genuinely valued the opportunity to serve in this capacity. While we made great strides, the nature of our work is that it is never complete. Toward that end, I have recapped a Faculty Association Year in Review of sorts, painting broadly where we’ve been and what we are sure to face ahead in a final letter that I hope you will make time to read. Finally, I encourage you to be as supportive to incoming Faculty Association President Suzette Dohaney, professor, speech, Winter Park as you have to me!

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