Faculty Governance Updates, February 2013

By Rob McCaffrey

My time in this role is coming to an end soon. I’m already preparing for summer classes and looking forward to teaching again. Nominations for the next Faculty Association president (for 2014/15) are due on Thursday, March 14. Any of the current members of Faculty Council are eligible, as well as members who served in the last two years. Contact one of your council reps to offer your nomination.

Current Members
Ruby Alvarez
Karen Cowden
Carl Creasman
Suzette Dohany
Damion Hammock
Clay Holliday
Debra Hollister
Eric Lane
Brian Macon
Mabel Machin
Susan Matthews
John McFarland
Diane Orsini
Stanton Reed
Jolene Rhodes
Pam Sandy
Desiree Voita
Chris Wettstein

Eligible until April 2013
Marcelle Cohen
Regina Falconer
Jean Marie Fuhrman
Cathie Hansen
Christina Hardin
Leann Hudson
John Niss
Jane Wiese

Eligible until April 2014
Sean Jennings
Ilyse Kusnetz
James May
Regina Seguin
Patti Smith
Claudia Genovese-Martinez



QEP Update

For over a year, Valencia faculty, students, staff and administrators have been engaged in work to determine what our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)—a component of our SACS reaccreditation process—should be. A series of reading circles, meetings, and brainstorming sessions aimed at identifying our next Big Idea led to the creation of a vision statement for a possible QEP topic: The New Student Experience (NSE). In order to help a new Valencia student navigate the college experience successfully, the NSE would require access to mandatory/universal career and academic advising, an extended orientation, integrated student success skills, and the development of an educational plan.

This semester, the QEP leadership team, along with the Press Grant team, will work to establish consensus on what the New Student Experience will look like and refine the emerging idea through a series of meetings at each campus; you should have seen invites for these campus meetings from the QEP leadership team. Additionally, faculty and staff are invited to a QEP Summit to be held on March 22, 2013 at the Criminal Justice Institute (see your Outlook invite from Kurt Ewen for more details). The summit will be an open, collaborative, decision-making forum, in which the QEP project is identified. I strongly encourage you to attend! Click here for a full update on our QEP.

Call for Faculty

The Commencement Committee is looking for two faculty marshals (to lead faculty quickly to their seats during our march into the stadium) and six to eight ushers (to help guide students to and from the stage). I’ve had the chance to serve as an usher before, and it seems to speed up the ceremony considerably.

The Endowed Chair Selection Committee needs four tenured faculty members to meet on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 (2:00-4:00 p.m.) in CJI, Room 148 to review applications and select recipients.

The Faculty Compensation Committee, which makes recommendations on the implementation of the faculty compensation plan, is looking for an academic faculty member to serve a three-year term. This call is for a tenured or tenure-track position. The meetings are as needed, and currently occur four or five times per year.

Email me at rmccaffrey@valenciacollege.edu if you’re interested in serving on any of these committees.

AFC Professor of the Year

The Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) is calling for nominations for their Professor of the Year award. This is one of the more prestigious state awards, and has included cash prizes in the past. The nomination deadline is March 1. Download and submit the nomination form to recognize one of your outstanding colleagues.

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