Faculty Governance Updates, January 2013

By Rob McCaffrey

Lab Fees

I mentioned during the November issue of the Faculty Insight newsletter that the college would try to tackle lingering problems in how we collect and allocate lab fees. The campus presidents are holding a series of meetings in January to begin this process. The initial meetings will be with programs that exist on multiple campuses and will review the current way we determine and use the fees. The ultimate goal will be to have a system of lab fee collection and allocation that everyone understands, is equitable, and that provides a high-quality lab experience for the students paying the fee.

Faculty Issues

I personally can’t remember a busier year for issues of faculty interest. Valencia faculty have done extensive work on a proposal for post-tenure review at the same time as the State Board of Education has been working on changes to the rule governing continuing contracts. We had several meetings in the fall to develop ideas for the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)—part of the work we need to do for our reaccreditation. We continue to wrestle with the implications of a new law that changes the number of hours of general education the college can offer and requires the development of a Gen Ed ‘core.’ We’re beginning an in-depth look into the quality and consistency of our online course offerings.

Any one of these issues would merit a deep discussion on its own, and they are only four of nearly a dozen such issues. I’ll be joining Dr. Shugart, our college president, in a series of meetings this semester to talk about them. We’ll do a short update on the status of the issues and find out what your thoughts and concerns are on each, plus open up the floor to any issues we haven’t thought to address. I hope you’ll be able to join me. Click here for details about these meetings.

Behavior Assessment Team

Last fall Valencia established a team comprised of faculty, security and student services employees to assess reports of threatening behavior and develop guidelines to help make the college safer. Although there is no sure guard against some of the school violence we’ve seen over the last year, we’re trying to be as diligent as we can.

Some of the resources you may not yet know about include a list of best practices for when you encounter troubling behavior, as well as college websites for reporting incidents and reporting anonymously. Read more about this work in Behavior Assessment Team Supports Campus Safety.

Call for Faculty

The Faculty Compensation Committee—the committee that makes recommendations on the implementation of the faculty compensation plan—is looking to replace a faculty librarian position. This call is for a tenured or tenure-track position. The term is for three years. The meetings are as needed, but currently occur four or five times per year.

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