Faculty Governance Updates, January 2014, Part 2

By Deidre Holmes DuBois

Faculty Association Constitutionfaculty-gov-mtg-groveThe Faculty Council met for a Constitution Workshop on January 24, 2014, to discuss revisions to the Collegewide Faculty Association’s constitution, including changes to the leadership structure of the association, its relationship to campus organizations and the makeup of the Faculty Council. The changes will enable the Collegewide Faculty Association and the Faculty Council to work more effectively and efficiently in the revised governance structure being proposed by Dr. Shugart.

We are working alongside Dr. Shugart as he finalizes the governance review and implements the changes. Once the new structure is formally proposed, we will present the new constitution for a vote. We’ll need a majority vote of the members of the Association to approve the new constitution. Faculty who are eligible to vote will receive an email with a link to the proposed constitution and a link to a Qualtrics vote; the vote will remain open for two weeks in accordance with the requirement in the current constitution.

If you vote no on the new constitution, you will be asked to provide feedback on the sections of the document about which you have concerns. This feedback will be essential to help the Faculty Council revise the document, should the draft be rejected by the Association.

Thank you in advance for attention to this essential task.

Reminder: Nomination Period Now Open for the Faculty Association Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Counseling and Librarianship

As a reminder, the nomination period for the inaugural Faculty Association Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Counseling and Librarianship is open until February 28, 2014. Visit The Grove for additional details and to submit a nomination.

Student Feedback on Instruction Pilot Continues

Please note that the pilot of new questions and new timing for the Student Feedback on Instruction (SFI) will continue this spring. You can view the dates for the administration of the SFI for all parts of term here. The SFI Committee will be gathering feedback from faculty and students about the new questions and the revised timing later this spring.

Faculty FrontDoor Sites

While Faculty FrontDoor is a useful tool to disseminate information to our students, many FrontDoor sites have not been updated recently. If you have not updated your Faculty FrontDoor page in a while, please take a moment to upload this semester’s materials. If you do not use this tool anymore, you can choose to remove your name from the FrontDoor listing. Contact the Help Desk for details.

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