Faculty Governance Updates, September 2012

By Rob McCaffrey

Wellness/Benefits Fairs
Soon, full-time faculty will receive information on how to enroll for your Valencia health benefits, either via The Juice newsletter or an email from The Grove. As in recent years, the first part of the enrollment process will be to fill out a health assessment (required each year), using information you’ve received from your doctor during a recent physical exam. If you don’t have a recent (last 90 days) physical exam, you can register for a free biometric exam at one of Valencia’s Wellness/Benefits Fairs. The first of these started on Monday, September 24, and the last fair will be on Friday, October 5. Click here for a schedule of remaining fairs and to register for an appointment.

Part-time faculty members are invited to attend the fairs to take advantage of the free biometric exam and/or to receive a free flu shot.

Professional Development
I received a reminder from the Faculty Development Director, Wendi Dew, that we are approaching the December 14, 2012 deadline for tenured / tenure-track faculty to participate in the professional development portion of our compensation plan. That’s the final day to select your compensation level and to have your approved activities uploaded to the Online Professional Development Planning Tool. Check out the timeline and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more information.


Food Services Contract
On Tuesday, October 2, there will be a meeting on West Campus to discuss our current food services contract. I’m looking for as many as five faculty members (one per campus) who would like to represent faculty interests on this topic. Please email me directly if you would like to participate.

Common Prerequisite Faculty Committee
For tenured faculty who teach any of the humanities disciplines, we are looking for someone to recommend to the statewide common prerequisite discipline committee for the CIP 24 liberal arts and sciences, general studies, and humanities.

This is a committee comprised of faculty from the Florida College System (FCS) and the State University System (SUS). Members provide guidance regarding proposed revisions and additions of common prerequisite courses for baccalaureate programs in the FCS and the SUS. Much of the work of this group is accomplished via email, with face-to-face meetings scheduled to resolve issues as necessary. If you would like more information before deciding, I have a document I can send you that describes some of the issues and procedures of the committee. Please email me directly if you would like to participate.

Sabbatical Leave
We’re still looking for faculty from West, Winter Park, Osceola and Lake Nona to serve on the committee that awards sabbatical leave. Please email me directly if you would like to participate.

We’re still looking for two faculty members to serve on the NISOD committee, which will choose this year’s Excellence Award winners from the list of nominees. Please email me directly if you would like to participate.

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  • Sandy Shugart said:

    Rob: Thanks for the efforts to communicate more effectively. The Grove is a good channel and I know you are using others, as well. I'll be watching for future postings and hope many faculty will, as well. Sandy

    PMThu, 27 Sep 2012 17:02:46 +0000Thu, 27 Sep 2012 17:02:46 +0000pm12,5:02 pm

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