Faculty Ombuds Update — August 2019

In fall 2018, Organizational Development and Human Resources introduced a new faculty dispute resolution resource — a faculty ombuds representative — and welcomed your representative, Anna Saintil, professor, student life skills. Anna is trained to provide support, guidance and feedback to faculty who are having difficulty resolving conflicts. For more information on the faculty ombuds role, click here, and read Anna’s update below.

A Message from Anna Saintil, Professor, Student Life Skills, and Faculty Ombuds Representative

The past academic year was a great inaugural year for the faculty ombuds representative. I held several meet-and-greet sessions and was able to connect with several colleagues to answer questions. As you may know, the faculty ombuds representative position serves as an advocate for the dispute resolution process at the College and exists to provide insight and referral to the relevant College process or policies depending on a particular situation.

In the last year, I fielded questions about the grievance process, the ethical conduct policy and other interpersonal conflicts that arose. In each situation, I was able to serve as an attentive ear and provide guidance to the process or policy that might apply. Each situation, like each person, is unique, and I am here to serve everyone. If you need assistance and are unsure where to go, consider reaching out to me.

Here are some sample topics you may wish to discuss:

  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Identification of options and information
  • Referrals to appropriate resources
  • Resource for regulations, policies and procedures

For the coming year, I am planning to visit faculty assembly meetings and department/division meetings and stay visible on each of the campuses, so that I can continue to be an easily accessible resource. I am very excited to continue the work and to meet with faculty. I will also assist with expanding various tailored trainings in dispute resolution for faculty.

If you need guidance on our dispute resolution policy and tools, please contact me at asaintil@valenciacollege.edu or 407-299-5000, extension 2325.

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