Faculty Development and TLA Update

Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Teaching and Learning team has prepared a focused set of Faculty Development and Teaching/Learning Academy (TLA) courses for full-time and part-time faculty that will be offered for the summer term. They are:

  • LCTS1110 Teaching in Our Learning College sessions (essential for initial Associate Faculty Certification)
  • Digital Professor Certification courses (offered as stand-alone courses for faculty members in progress as well as in two-week, five-week and 10-week cohorts)
  • A variety of just-in-time, faculty-led sessions focused on effective online teaching practices and technology topics
  • Preparation experience for faculty new to the course peer review process
  • Course peer review timelines for faculty members in progress

In order to maximize our focus on support for online teaching and learning, all other types of professional development will be canceled/postponed. This includes the difficult decision to cancel this summer’s Destination program. Although upcoming professional development offerings may look different than what we are used to, there will be no shortage of opportunities to continue to learn and grow, and our commitment to equity-minded practice will continue to guide our efforts and programming.

For Faculty Development and TLA courses, click the button below:

TLA Timeline and Reporting Schedule
The current timeline and reporting schedule will be amended. Faculty in the tenure process will receive an email regarding these changes next week.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Teaching and Learning team.

Faculty Support
As you consider how to bring your ideas to life in a way that reflects your own teaching approaches, the Teaching and Learning team is available to help you. Remember to reach out to your identified Teaching and Learning support or faculty mentor, and for those of you not partnered, please use this link to request support.


  • Deidre Holmes DuBois said:

    Unfortunately, the 1/25 Speaking Across the Disciplines workshop has been canceled due to low enrollment. You can still register for the 1/26 workshop, which will be at East campus from 2-4 p.m. in 3-113.

    AMMon, 22 Jan 2018 09:44:17 +0000Mon, 22 Jan 2018 09:44:17 +0000am18,9:44 am

  • Wendy Jo Moyer said:

    Thank you Deidre for alerting us.

    AMMon, 22 Jan 2018 10:31:30 +0000Mon, 22 Jan 2018 10:31:30 +0000am18,10:31 am

  • Jonathan Lair said:

    Wish I could take them all! But registered for and very excited about Internationalizing the Curriculum at Home.

    PMThu, 25 Jan 2018 22:19:15 +0000Thu, 25 Jan 2018 22:19:15 +0000pm18,10:19 pm

  • egaythwaite said:

    The documents in the links are history 🙂
    You can also view faculty development opportunities by campus — just click the links below.

    East and Winter Park Campus
    Osceola, Lake Nona, and Poinciana Campus
    West Campus

    PMThu, 27 Jun 2019 17:02:47 +0000Thu, 27 Jun 2019 17:02:47 +0000pm19,5:02 pm

    • Shelby England said:

      Hi, Edie,

      Thank you – we've removed the links from the article for now and will work on creating new documents for our faculty member to browse.

      The Grove Team

      PMThu, 27 Jun 2019 20:59:11 +0000Thu, 27 Jun 2019 20:59:11 +0000pm19,8:59 pm

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