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beverlee-andrews-fc-groveBy Joy S. Jones

As the former Valencia Tech Prep coordinator, Beverlee Andrews once worked closely with the area school districts to develop a top-notch program for students that provided accelerated pathways to Valencia with college credits earned while in high school.

The program provided an in, and for many students, was the nudge that was needed to pursue post-secondary education. After serving for 12 years in that role, she is proud of the work of the local consortium, now called Career Pathways, which continues that effort.

In her current role, as a manager of grants development and special projects in the Resource Development Office (RDO), while she doesn’t interact directly with students, Beverlee has discovered that she can make an even greater impact by reaching them through student-centered projects that are developed through grant funding.

“It’s a great feeling to know that the work that we do in RDO is providing faculty and staff with the necessary resources to create programs and services to help students,” Beverlee said. “Even if a project proposal isn’t chosen for funding, it’s still worth the effort because of the conversations that take place during the development process that often lead faculty and staff to identify needs and develop strategic plans of action needed to build momentum toward pilot projects or further study, which ultimately benefit students.”

Like many of our students, Beverlee was a first generation college student and community college graduate, and she finds that working at Valencia is a “natural fit.”

“I understand the struggles and the milestones that mean so much to our students, and I’ve been with Valencia for close to 19 years.” During this time, she’s witnessed the many changes the College has undergone while remaining true to its founding principles.

“We’ve never lost sight of our primary mission,” she said. “What remains constant is the overarching drive for excellence in serving students and the community, and it is only getting better. We make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. And every day, I am inspired by the innovative programs and initiatives that we undertake as a College community.”

Beverlee’s career at Valencia has been stewarded by great champions who have counseled, mentored and inspired her.

Joyce Romano (vice president of student affairs) was my first supervisor and mentor. I admire her drive, passion and vision. Serving in the Student Affairs division for many years provided me with a healthy respect for their work. Joan Tiller (special assistant to the president) has been a mentor and friend for many years, and she inspires me with her benevolence, insight and sense of humor, and Kris (Kristeen) Christian (assistant vice president for resource development) has inspired me to capitalize on my strengths and has introduced us to new ways of facilitating focused conversations, resulting in a collaborative grant development process,” she reflected.

To wit, her work is highly respected by her colleagues.

“Beverlee consistently works to provide optimal service to the College community. She has great institutional history and is really good at bringing people together and creating excellent proposals,” said Kris.

In her spare time, she likes to read, travel to the mountains, camp, listen to music and spend time with her husband, family and friends. Plus, she has an eight year-old grandson who helps keep her up-to-date on all the latest technology.

Beverlee earned a Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction and a Bachelor of Education degree in cooperative marketing education from Florida Atlantic University, and has completed training and workshops in grantsmanship.

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