Featured Colleague – Chaz Davis

By Stephanie McMillen

Charles “Chaz” Davis, Jr. serves as the West Campus program advisor for the Bachelor of Science degree program in computer and electrical engineering technology (BSECET), one of Valencia’s articulated pre-majors for engineering and architecture students.

“Mr. Davis has been instrumental in getting many students on the right pathway for transfer to the University of Central Florida (UCF) in engineering and architecture,” said Joyce Romano, vice president of student affairs.

It is through the work environment provided by Valencia that Chaz says he has acquired the tools to have a positive impact on students through advisement and teaching.

“In my role, I routinely advise students on how to effectively manage, schedule and successfully complete their program of studies,” Chaz said. “I am also a professor, teaching various courses in building construction technology and the BSECET programs.”

Since beginning his career at Valencia in 2003, Chaz has taken advantage of opportunities to develop into a community college leader, and ultimately hopes to attain a leadership role at Valencia in the future.

Recently, Chaz renewed his associate professor status, obtained a digital professor certification, and completed the 2011-12 Leadership Academy. Furthermore, Chaz has sought out and learned from individuals at the college who he says have been “inspirational mentors,” including Ty Johnson, dean of students on West Campus, and Stan Stone, vice president of human resources and diversity.

Before joining Valencia, Chaz had careers in both the public and private sectors.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Chaz relocated to Florida in 1987 with his job as an environmental department manager for Professional Service Industries, Inc. – one of the nation’s largest firms providing engineering, scientific, technical and management solutions to public and private sector clients involved with site selection, design, construction and property management.

He spent eight years in this role before taking positions in project management for Orange County Public Schools and Walt Disney World. “I’ve also worked for a non-profit agency out of Bartow, Florida, managing 17 facilities throughout the Polk County area,” Chaz added.

Chaz has settled into his career at Valencia – an institution that he describes as a great place to work and where student learning is “top notch.”

“I’ve gained a vast amount of managerial experience [in my previous jobs] to assist me with my current role and potential future leadership roles,” he said.

Chaz has a bachelor’s degree in design engineering technology and a master’s degree in industrial engineering from UCF. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. at UCF in industrial engineering, with an engineering management focus, and is projected to graduate in 2014.

His hobbies include reading, bike riding, weightlifting, and playing a “light” game of flag football.

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  • Lindi said:

    Chaz – You're amazing! Congratulations on being the featured colleague; this was well deserved!

    AMWed, 03 Oct 2012 09:59:05 +0000Wed, 03 Oct 2012 09:59:05 +0000am12,9:59 am

  • Darryl Pirmal said:

    You are one of the most interesting persons I have encountered at Valencia. Since meeting you and growing with you in the Leadership Academy I think we have become good friends. I hope to become great friends as time passes.
    Thank you for assisting my son with his schedule to accomplish his goals at Valencia and eventually move on to UCF. I am happy and energized by the info you presented. You are a great person and I am honored to call you a friend. You are a wonderful asset to Valencia and I know you will move mountains to assist your students. Best of luck in all your endeavors and in life.

    AMWed, 03 Oct 2012 11:04:46 +0000Wed, 03 Oct 2012 11:04:46 +0000am12,11:04 am

  • Andy said:

    Congratulations Charles! You've made significant contributions to the success of our students and our Division, and we're glad to have you on the Valencia team.

    PMWed, 03 Oct 2012 13:21:11 +0000Wed, 03 Oct 2012 13:21:11 +0000pm12,1:21 pm

  • Adrian said:

    Thank you for the great work you do for our students. Congrats on this honor. Best Regards. Adrian

    PMWed, 03 Oct 2012 22:28:20 +0000Wed, 03 Oct 2012 22:28:20 +0000pm12,10:28 pm

  • Kenya Richardson said:

    Congrats, Chaz!

    PMFri, 05 Oct 2012 16:13:14 +0000Fri, 05 Oct 2012 16:13:14 +0000pm12,4:13 pm

  • Sonja said:


    You are representing New Orleans well:-)


    PMThu, 11 Oct 2012 16:46:04 +0000Thu, 11 Oct 2012 16:46:04 +0000pm12,4:46 pm

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