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elton-noel-fc-groveBy Joy S. Jones

“Each and every day, Admissions Specialist  Elton Noel continues to bring great work ethic, ideas and a huge heart to work,” said Andy Oguntola, director, admissions/registration.

By day, an admissions specialist, after hours, Elton serves as a pastor at a growing church in Osceola County, where he works with youth.

“Many I have come in contact with feel that obtaining a college education is almost impossible due to their current circumstances,” he said. “Valencia College offers the opportunity needed to pursue an education by partnering with many community organizations to educate and encourage future students by going to the high schools in Central Florida and conducting workshops or opening the campuses for College Night.”

What Elton discovered is that many parents who accompany their children come to see that there is a chance for their child to get the preparation needed for a college education, and some parents pursue an education themselves as a result. This multi-generational impact resonates deeply with him.

“I believe in leaving a legacy of wisdom and purpose, if we really intend to leave any sense of wealth behind, so that our future generations will have a head start in positioning themselves for the blessings of God,” he said.

Elton first joined Valencia as a part-time records specialist at the Osceola Campus in July of 2011. There, he became involved with the Bridges to Success program. A few students reached out to him to serve as one of the advisors for Campus Crusade for Christ. Of the experience, he said, “I found working with the students a rewarding one, as they discussed many opportunities to reach others.”

In May 2012, he obtained his bachelor’s degree from Warner University in Transformational Christian Education, and in March 2013, he was promoted to a full-time admissions specialist at West Campus.

Knowing that he is part of a community of professionals that seeks ways to make students’ educational experience a memorable one gives him pride in his career choice, and he points to his supervisor, Andy, as an example of one of those professionals who makes a difference.

“I remember the moment he got the position, he hit the ground running. I watched this young man take flight, as he has an insightful way of looking at situations and tries to help everyone he comes in contact with. In just a few years, I watched him excel to his current position as director of admissions, which has been an inspiration not only to myself, but to countless others,” said Elton.

Quoting Albert Einstein, he said “all that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual,” which is yet another great thing about Valencia.

“It does not just stop with students. Valencia supports its Career Staff as well by providing opportunities for personal and professional development,” he said.

All in all, for Elton, it is the profound sense of opportunity that Valencia provides to its surrounding communities for improvement and the ongoing development of individuals — no matter their age or stage in life — that make it a great place to work.

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  • Jason said:

    Very nice article Elton! You are a treasured member of the Valencia community!

    AMWed, 27 May 2015 07:21:17 +0000Wed, 27 May 2015 07:21:17 +0000am15,7:21 am

  • Erica said:

    Very inspiring Elton! Wisdom and purpose for our future generations, I agree!
    “I believe in leaving a legacy of wisdom and purpose, if we really intend to leave any sense of wealth behind, so that our future generations will have a head start in positioning themselves for the blessings of God,” he said.

    AMWed, 27 May 2015 08:42:16 +0000Wed, 27 May 2015 08:42:16 +0000am15,8:42 am

  • Gwendolyn said:

    Elton, I admire the great heart you have for people everyday. I agree with Andy, you inspire me and others with your words of wisdom, the ethics you value and your great heart for people. You are a value member of the Valencia family. It is important for our future generation to know that they are important! So proud of you!

    AMWed, 27 May 2015 09:35:13 +0000Wed, 27 May 2015 09:35:13 +0000am15,9:35 am

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