Get to Know Your CSA – Osceola Campus

This week, in the “Get to Know Your CSA” series, we present the Career Staff Association (CSA) at the Osceola Campus, which is chaired by Andrew Becker, assessment coordinator.

From Left to Right: Kirk Robinson, Secretary; Andrew Becker, Chair; Susan Russo, Chair-Elect

“The Career Staff Association is a great way of getting together with fellow workers,” Andrew explained.

In fact, Andrew’s first experience volunteering with the CSA began in 2010. He was encouraged by Donna Sovern, administrative assistant for the math office at Osceola, to volunteer at the 5K Fun Run, and after that, she suggested he become the chair-elect. Andrew agreed to serve as the chair-elect for a term, and moved into the chair position a year later.

As his tenure now comes to a close, Andrew hopes to see the Career Staff Association grow. “I would like the organization to build pathways within the [college] and throughout the community. We do a lot of great volunteer work, and there is a demand by the career staff for more.”

Career staff employees can get involved in the CSA at Osceola in several ways. Andrew said, for starts, all career staff employees are invited to the monthly meetings.

“Our meetings are painless,” Andrew said, “just drop in, and have a snack. There are lots of opportunities for leadership, whether it’s being on a committee, volunteering in the community or becoming an officer with the CSA.”

Currently, Andrew is gearing up for the CSA Osceola meeting in December, at which time he plans to bring in a special guest. “Please keep an eye on your email for updates and times for our December meeting,” he said.

The Career Staff Association (CSA) is a college-wide organization that provides a platform for career service staff members to engage in career development opportunities, community outreach projects, and a variety of other activities that serve to enrich the employment experience and enhance the relationship of career service employees with the college, and with each other.

If you are interested in joining the CSA at Osceola Campus, please contact Andrew Becker at or at extension 4966.

The Career Staff Association goals are:

  • To address employee concerns.
  • To provide staff development opportunities.
  • To provide community outreach opportunities.
  • To raise awareness about the Career Staff Association and its benefits.

Read about other campus Career Staff Associations:

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