Get to Know Your CSA – West Campus

This week, in the “Get to Know Your CSA” series, we present the Career Staff Association (CSA) at the West Campus, which is chaired by Jodi Criner, staff assistant in the office for students with disabilities.

Jodi volunteered for this position after attending CSA meetings and realizing she enjoyed networking with colleagues, discussing important campus issues, and participating in the activities organized by the association – all of which are key aspects of the CSA.

West Campus CSA Leadership

From Left to Right: Donna Deitrick, Chair-Elect; Michal Ewing, Secretary; Jodi Criner, Chair

“[The CSA] is a good way to get to know others at your campus and put a face to a name,” Jodi explained. As an employee with the office for students with disabilities, Jodi naturally wants others to feel empowered and have a voice to discuss and express concerns.

As far as activities, Jodi reports that the West Campus CSA accomplished all their goals this year. This included donating 253 pounds of food to the Osceola Council on Aging, welcoming over 30 new employees to the association, presenting 15 Grapevine Awards to outstanding employees, and hosting two professional development workshops.

Jodi said that the West Campus CSA is hosting its final professional development workshop of the year called Interviewing Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, October17 at 2:00 in HSB 211. “We feel we have many capable employees with transferrable skills for positions upcoming and want to provide encouragement for new opportunities,” Jodi said.

The group is currently collecting donations for A Gift for Teaching – a nonprofit organization that distributes school supplies to underprivileged children in Central Florida. On November 28, the West Campus CSA will visit the organization at its Orlando location for a tour of the building and a luncheon. Attendees will have the opportunity to “see what our donations are doing for the community,” Jodi said.

The group is also hosting a holiday cookie exchange on December 12 at 2:00 p.m. in 11-211 to close out the year. All West Campus career staff employees are invited to attend and bring a cookie and/or cookie recipe to share with others.

The Career Staff Association (CSA) is a college-wide organization that provides a platform for career service staff members to engage in career development opportunities, community outreach projects, and a variety of other activities that serve to enrich the employment experience and enhance the relationship of career service employees with the college, and with each other.

If you are interested in joining the CSA at West Campus, please contact Jodi Criner at or at extension 1523.

The Career Staff Association goals are:

  • To address employee concerns.
  • To provide staff development opportunities.
  • To provide community outreach opportunities.
  • To raise awareness about the Career Staff Association and its benefits.

Read about other campus Career Staff Associations:

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