Harvard Business Review Phone App for Managers

If you have an iPhone or an Android, check out this free Management Tip of the Day application from the Harvard Business Review. Five days a week, you will receive a short, practical tip that’s been adapted from a Harvard Business Review article. Downloading this app is simple and free! Just go to your phone’s app store and type in “HBR Tips”. Here’s a sample tip of the day:

How to Really Get Ahead

Many people think that careers should follow an upward trajectory. In reality, the majority of jobs moves don’t involve a promotion. Most successful careers involve a mix of lateral and upward movement. People who stay in one function or one industry may move up quickly in the beginning of their careers but often reach a ceiling later when they become too specialized. Don’t be overly focused on a promotion as your next career move. It’s easy to be distracted by a better title, more direct reports, or other trappings, but focus on the long-term. Ask yourself whether a promotion will give you the skills and experience you need and whether a move to a different part of the organization may serve you better.

-Adapted from Harvard Business Review on Advancing Your Career.


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