Have Website Changes? Learn How to Become a Web Editor and Request Web Services Support

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A Message from Traci Bjella, Assistant Vice President, Marketing

The importance of our website’s functionality for all audiences has became exponentially important with the growth of COVID-19 and its impact. This has resulted in Marketing’s Web Services team — led by Director of Interactive Marketing Craig Blazejewski — having a new body of work in addition to its standard web and Atlas portal work — providing timely, critical information from our senior leaders.

As we reflect on our work since the COVID-19 crisis began in March, the College has been a leader in communicating information to new and potential students, faculty, administration and our community. We are so proud to be part of the communication team informing them of numerous changes, from classes moving online to CARES Act guidelines and the Roadmap from Reopening. The work of our administration is and will remain priority as we remain online primarily as a College.

As our goal is to deliver and uphold a high-quality, unified and accessible web presence for the College, we know there are teams that need support with their recruiting materials, webpages, content on and offline, training and reports. We are here to help and want to make you aware of the web editor training and ticket submitting processes available to you.

Web Editors
Need to edit web content, links or text? Web editors can update content on the pages they manage. To learn how to complete the online course and submit a request to be a web editor, click here.

Note: We have 282 web editors who have completed the CMS Web Editor Training course. However, just 191 editors are active editors in the CMS. We will be contacting dormant editors about their permissions soon.

Web Services Support
Need expert support from a web developer? This is the best way to request resources and support from the Marketing Web Services team. The Web Services team can assist with content changes to webpages on the CMS. A Web Services ticket can help with a range of web services — to report or fix a broken link, update dynamic data, request web editor permissions, update content on an existing webpage, request new web page development, etc. Submit a Web Services ticket here.

Coming Soon, Web Services Resources
As part of our commitment to serve the Valencia College community, we will be publishing a new section on the College website to be a one-stop resource for information about our brand and style system for the web, the OU Campus content management system, training information and the services we provide. Check the Grove and Juice for announcements about the Web Services webpage later this month.

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