Healthcare Plan Proposals are Under Review

health-rebid2-groveA message from Mary Beth Clifton, Director, Total Rewards/Workforce Planning

Valencia, like most other employers, considers health coverage one of the most important employee benefits we offer. Our Total Rewards program includes many different offerings, and health insurance is a primary factor that, according to research, is key to attract and retain employees.

Like many organizations across the U.S., Valencia is facing rising health care costs. At this time, we are moving forward to look for the right partnership to help us navigate these forthcoming challenges in health care. Cigna, our current health care provider, is a good partner and has helped us improve health management for our employees for six years. With that being said, it is a prudent business practice to put our health plans out to bid to ensure we continue to have the best available partner.

In response to Valencia’s request for proposal (RFP), two companies responded — Cigna and United Healthcare. When I’m asked how the OD/HR Advisory Team will choose between these two health insurance providers, my first response is “it’s complicated.” The OD/HR Advisory Team is using a weighted scoring matrix which, at first glance, may seem simple, but a lot of thought and due diligence goes into each one of the components. Not all insurance plans are created equal or the best fit for us. When I speak of us, I’m referring to Valencia employees. Click the button below to review the matrix.

insurance-scoring-matrix-button-groveValencia has a self-funded insurance plan model that is paid directly by Valencia from college funds, and the company that administers our health plans are paid a fee for service. There is no “middle man” making a profit from our health claims. The expenses we incur as patients drive our health plan costs.

I have participated in numerous RFP processes in my career and feel well equipped to find creative alternatives for Valencia. Each RFP process is unique, special and challenging due to the ever-changing healthcare environment, diverse employee needs and available patient services and medical and pharmacy capabilities that continue to evolve with technology. As a professional, an employee and patient, I am committed to help provide the best solutions available.

In line with our collaborative, decision-making model, the OD/HR Advisory Team is comprised of a representative group of career service employees, faculty members and professional staff. Since this evaluation committee includes “non subject matter experts,” whose jobs don’t entail specializing in benefits and managed care solutions, we’ve made sure to provide definitions and clarify alternatives. As a team, there is such diversity of thought, background and personal experiences that have provided an enriched and thoughtful approach to this selection process.

Following the OD/HR Advisory Health Care Evaluation Committee’s decision, the procurement process requires a notification period with the bidders. Per Florida state statute, the submittal documents from Cigna and United Healthcare will not become public record until after this notification. There will then be a recommendation for the District Board of Trustees to approve the contract that will be effective beginning Friday, January 1, 2016.

We expect further communication on the RFP process and the committee’s recommendation of a health care partner to be forthcoming within the next couple of weeks. Please keep an eye out for updates in The Juice (your weekly newsletter) and in The Grove.

If you have questions or would like additional information on the healthcare rebid, contact Mary Beth Clifton, director, total rewards/workforce planning, at, extension 8263, or Tom Keller, director, benefits, at, extension 3888.


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