Hired a New Employee? Valencia College Compass is Here to Help

Valencia College Compass, the College’s new employee onboarding experience, launched in May 2019 as a way to support you as a supervisor and your newly hired employee. This multi-mode approach, which includes in-person and online support, is structured to offer essential information to ensure employees “start right.” You may read about the components of the program in a previous Grove article.

Itinerary and Navigation Guide Online Resources

Since the launch of the program, 158 employees have participated in the online Canvas resources courses, called “Itinerary” and “Navigation Guide., including Part-time Support Specialist II Cindy Torres.

“The most interesting module was ‘Valencia History’ with all the information regarding 50 years of work conducted to get to where we stand today and future plans,” Cindy shared about online resources. “The ‘Valencia Vocabulary’ was also very helpful in learning some of the acronyms used here at Valencia.”

When new employees are hired, they receive a welcome email from Organizational Development and Human Resources (ODHR) with information about the Valencia College Compass program and a link to explore the “Itinerary” online public resource course, which can be accessed without an Atlas account.

As their supervisor, in your introductory correspondence, please encourage your new employees to set up their Atlas account. Once new employees have an Atlas account, please invite them to register for the “Navigation Guide” course, which offers in-depth information about Valencia College.

Discovery and Leading the Journey Face-to-Face Sessions

In addition to the online offerings, new employees are invited to participate in a face-to-face session called “Discovery,” and new supervisors are also invited to the in-person session, “Leading the Journey: New Supervisor Session.” In these sessions, new hires have an opportunity to explore our Valencia College values and how they influence our College culture.

Since June 2019, we have offered 14 in-person sessions and 104 employees have participated, including Shawn Le’Tang, academic advisor, who attended the Discovery session, and Charminta Brown, manager, learning support services, who attended both sessions.

“It was presented well, and we had the opportunity to meet other like minds here at Valencia who are embracing Valencia’s culture and vision,” Shawn shared about his Discovery session experience. “I really appreciate the session everyone worked hard to present. Thank you so much for the information and welcoming me.”

Charminta added, “The Leading the Journey onboarding session helped me tremendously not only as a new employee, but as an supervisor as well. The session provided me with a wealth of knowledge of Valencia College’s history, purpose and mission while equipping me with resources and tools to be an effective leader in my areas. This session taught me strategies and activities that I continue to use for my staff as I help them develop professionally.”

Tools for Existing Employees

Please note that while Valencia College Compass is targeted for new employees of the College, it is open to all employees who want to strengthen their understanding of our learning institution. To access Valencia College Compass, click here. 

Additionally, to help you in your supervisory role, visit the “Supervisor Resources” course for onboarding checklists and templates.

What’s Next?

What Valencia College Compass changes can supervisors and employees expect for 2020?

All program materials will be updated with our Valencia College brand, and newly hired employees will be automatically enrolled in the online “Navigation Guide” course and subsequently invited to participate in an in-person Discovery session.

If you have any questions regarding Valencia College Compass, please contact ODHR at HR4U@valenciacollege.edu, or call the HR4U helpline at 407-299-5000, extension HR4U (4748).

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