How to Manage Employee Separations


While sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to employees, it’s important to ensure that proper protocol is followed for employee separations, whether they are due to an employee resigning or retiring, or a contract not being renewed.

In any of these situations, supervisors need to follow a similar set of steps.slice

The following steps outline the process suitable for supervisors to take in most employee separation situations. However, it’s important to note that the necessary steps may change for some separation situations. Because of this, contact Organizational Development and Human Resources (ODHR) for assistance handling separations.

Typically, employee separations should follow these steps.

1. In any situation, the first step toward separation is notifying the parties involved.

– If an employee resigns, he or she is responsible for notifying his or her supervisor. Then, the supervisor should contact his or her campus ODHR office to provide the resigning employee’s name, VID number and last date of work.

– If an employee is retiring, he or she needs to alert the ODHR campus director. An ODHR representative will then meet with that employee and notify his or her supervisor and Employee Records.

– If a supervisor decides not to renew an employee’s contract or wishes to terminate an employee, the supervisor must contact his or her ODHR campus director.

2. If an employee is resigning, the supervisor needs to ensure the employee writes an official letter of resignation and submits it to his or her campus ODHR office or completes the Human Resources Resignation Form HR #16 (available in Atlas).

After these initial steps are taken, supervisors of part-time faculty need to follow only two additional steps:

1. Confirm the employee has correctly submitted his or her final work hours and time sheets. Once this information is verified, the supervisor needs to approve it.

2. Contact Property Control, campus security and the OIT Help Desk to ensure that College property and access to Valencia’s systems are secured and handled accordingly.

Supervisors of full-time employees, however, will need to follow these additional steps:

1. Complete and submit the Human Resources Action Form for Full-Time Employees HR #25 (available in Atlas) and submit to your ODHR campus director.

2. Identify leave balances in the “Request and Manage My Leave” section of Atlas. Contact the campus ODHR office with any questions regarding the employee’s leave. Keep in mind that separating employees may use accumulated vacation and personal time prior to their effective date of separation at your discretion.

3. Contact Property Control, campus security and the OIT Help Desk to ensure that College property and access to Valencia’s systems are secured and handled accordingly.

4. Ensure that the employee receives his or her checkout packet and completes the formal checkout process, which will be provided by ODHR. If the employee is unable to do so or if it is an employee termination, the supervisor must complete the checkout paperwork and submit it to Employee Records on the employee’s behalf.

5. Confirm the employee has entered his or her final work hours. Like with part-time employees, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure the final time sheets are accurate and approve them.

Following these steps can help ensure that the separation process goes as smoothly as possible for yourself, your employee and Valencia. While following the steps listed above, it’s also important to keep open and consistent lines of communication with your employee, your team and ODHR. When communicating to your team, make sure to communicate next steps and any contingency plans. You also may want to connect with your team about how to recognize and celebrate an employee who is separating when the occasion is appropriate.

During this process, do not hesitate to contact your ODHR campus director for help.

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